Dinosaurs teams


Can we pick our own teams? Are the dinosaurs interchangeable between “team” and “collection”


Did you just get the game today? It guides you through picking your team at the beginning but only after you have enough to make a team. Later on you can switch them around whenever you want. In battles, the game will select 4 out of the 8 that you have set up for your team.


I did download it last week, but there was no instruction, just highlighted a few thing “tap here” but no mention of how to swap them.


Click the Collection tab and tap the “Modify” button on the top right corner of the screen. Tap the creature you want to remove from your team before scrolling down to select a new creature. You can do this however many times you want, and then click the “Modify/Done” button once more.


Ahhhh, I’m so slow sometimes lol… thanks!!!


One other thing. You can’t modify your team until you’ve collected eight or more creatures.