Dinosaurs that should be added

Despite Ceratosaurus is in JP & JW, we’re yet to receive it in the game.


I REALLY want cryolophasaurus, they should also add micro raptor


I REALLY want Corythosaurus.

Give us Ceratosaurus deinosuchus Megalania giganotosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus

And cryolophasaurus and pachyrinosaurus

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I would like to see a Trex and spino
cross breed

How do you know lol (not that it isn’t fairly obvious with theri

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Well therizinosaurus will definitely come since he’s confirmed for dominion wich means we’ll probably get a dominion update similar how they added fallen kingdom dinosaurs


Ceratosaurus has only appeared in JPIII. None of the other movies have it.

She. Technically it’s a she.

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It’s spelt “Tyrannosaur” not Tyrannosait.

But Camp Cretaceous has it, including the same deratosaurus in season 4

Camp Cretaceous disagrees with you.

He/she meant movies.

iRex (the one who mentioned Ceratosaurus in JP and JW) meant it in general, not the movies exclusively

Mamenchisaurus, Corythosaurus, and Ceratosaurus.

Well, he’s right as he mentioned about the movies. Camp Cretaceous is a series.

The series is canon

the dinosaurs that should be added into the game are asset 87 the spinosaurus and toro the Carnotaurus rarity epic he’s a both of fierce and resilient dinosaur and he has a bit of strong defense because basically his strong armor head is like a strong shield or as a battering ram and pierce the kenterosaurus and erlidominus gen 2 and angel the spinoceratops hybrid and rubble the spinoceratops hybrid brother sibling of angel and big eatie and little eatie the different new colored t rex’s as the new dino flocks and ceratosaurus gen 1 rarity rare and he’s a firce and resilient because of his strong horn on his head and ceratosaurus gen 2 rarity epic she’s a fierce and has a bit of strong defense because of her horn is basically like a armor weapon and the new indoraptor +the erlikosaurus into a new apex or my personal favorite mega hybrid and indoraptor gen 2 + spinonyx or erlikogamma hybrid and dilophosaurus gen 1 + erlikosaurus gen 1 = erliphosaurus and diloranosaurus hybrid + erlikospyx = into a new large or medium apex predator of the rankings with a new combined fin like sail on it’s back and it has ability of to spit poisonous venom from it’s mouth and it hunts in packs and it has a combined jaw like snout and it’s a more stronger and stealthier and nocturnal predator and then sinoceratops gen 2 rarity rare and it would the same colors like sinoceratops from the show called Jurassic world camp cretaceous and the baryonyx trio as one of the new and other new large flock of new dinosaurs and the velociraptors from Jurassic world camp cretaceous season 4 rarity epics and another new different new flock dinosaurs too and new animations and nasutoceratops gen 2 rarity epic different new colors and megaraptor gen 1 rarity rare and gen 2 rarity common and gen 3 rarity epic and different colors for them and new animations for them. and i guess that’s it.

After that novel…

Pierce: Yes
Rebel: No
Angel: No
(Just Spinocsratops would be better)
CCS4 Spino: Yes
Toro: Yes
Ceratosaurus G2: Yes
Erlidominus: Absolutely freaking not