Dinosaurs that you want added to the game


I want Sauropelta, Brachiosaurus & Pteranodon added. Also, all the creatures featured in the movies added.

New Dinos you want to see in JWA

Want Titanoboa too


I’d like dinos discovered in Lourinhã (Portugal), lourinhanosauros antunesi, supersaurus lourinhanensis and the lourinhasaurus alenquerensis.


Never heard of some of those. Supersaurus looks a lot like Argentinosaurus - in game version atleast.


I want the carcharodontosaurus, the diplodocus, the plesiosaurus, the tapejara(i like its head) and the deltadromeus for dinosaurs, then the smilodon, wooly mammoth, titanoboa, dyiatrima, dodo (cuz why not, make it a legendary creature pls) wooly rhino, megalania, artipleura, the water scorpion, the deynosuchus, the archeopteryx, the carnivorous big toothy whale (i dont know the name), the megapiranha, an ancient moose, and and hybrids of all of those


Carcharodontosaurus would be perfect for the game imo. Looks a lot like Indominus.


I don’t know if it has already been included in the game (I’m still at level 3 and at the moment I have unlocked only a few dinosaurs) but my favorite has always been the Chlamydosaurus.
I’d also like to see: Grallator, Scipionyx, Tethyshadros.


Crichtonasaurus coz without Michael Crichton, this whole world would never have existed. Make it a legendary type Dino pls


Darwinopterus could be another cool adition to the flying dinosaur class maybe??


You’d think they’d have some that have already been heavily featured in the movies: brachiosaurus, pachycephalosaurus, compsognathus (though they’d be useless in a battle, but might make for interesting hybrids), galamimus, pterodactyls and other flyers.


This guy


I’d love to see plessiossaurus, quetzalcoatlus, dunkleosteus (ok, not a dino, but a killer fish), megalodon and gorgonopsys.


I just want to see more dinosaurs… I haven’t seen any flying ones or the water ones in here yet.


A pack of these critters would be awesome! http://jurassicpark.wikia.com/wiki/Compsognathus


pterodactylus is good looking


I also wanna see the Troodon from the telltale game. It was a cool and unique creature with it’s eyes and venomous bite. I know it was also featured in the other JP mobile game.


I want to see the megaraptor,iguanodon
and the ceratosaurus and a swarm of coelophysis


Iguanodon is already here =)


The gigantoraptor, the troodon the ceratosaur, the ifuanodon and a swarm of coelophylis


Acrocanthosaurus, mosasaurus, elasmosaurus, pteranodon, chasmosaurus, torosaurus, tanystropheus, coelophysis