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Dinosaurs unlocked

I have done a event for generation 2 volicraoter and I cant by anymore for me to fuse them to make it stranger ludia what’s going on

Tyrannosaurus and velociraptor gen 2 have not yet had unlock opportunities. The Gen 2 Fury events are for single copies only. You’ll have to wait for another one to show up or buy one for real money the next time Ludia offers one for sale.

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Ok why cant I get the giga

What are you talking about? Start over, because I’m confused what you’re asking about

Edit: If you’re asking about Gigantosaurus, you’ll have to wait for an unlock opportunity. Unless it’s been made available through Clash of Champions, it has not had an unlock since it was pulled from the battle stage unlocks.

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i’ve won it out of the class of champions and i still can’t buy anymore to upgrade the current one that i have

So Clash of Champions is not an unlock? I didn’t know that. Guess you’ll just have to wait

hey i got a question about the game