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Dinosaurs we Would Like #11 - Pachyrhinosaurus




A ceratopsian we’ve come to know well for not fitting in with its family, Pachyrhinosaurus was one of only a few not to have nasal horn. Discovered back in 1880, it was one of the largest ceratopsians at 8 meters (26 feet) long and around 4 tons. It was a member of the Centrosaurinae family, and was related to Styracosaurus, Medusaceratops, and Nasutoceratops. But what makes it stand out was a large rugose boss on its snout, two smaller bosses over its eyes, and flat curved horns in the center of its frill and along the ridge. These bosses were slightly different in each species, one bearing twin combs, another had a dome-like plate on top, but all were made of dense bone that would’ve allowed it to ram opponents with crushing force. They may have butted heads together like modern rams in dominance displays. It is noteworthy for being extremely hardy, and was able to survive at both high altitudes and very far north in snow and seasonal frozen temperatures. Like most other ceratopsians, it would’ve enjoyed low growing plants, and it traveled in large herds for safety from tyrannosaurs.

Interesting facts:

  • Thousands of Pachyrhinosaurus bones were found at the Pipestone Creek bone bed. It’s thought from the erosion and ancient silt that a massive herd was trapped and killed by a flash flood while trying to cross a river. Interestingly, Styracosaurus and Centrosaurus are both known to have also befallen similar natural tragedies in flash flood mass graves.
  • When Pachyrhinosaurus hatched from their eggs, they did not have their snout boss or frill horns. Scientists have been able to examine that Pachyrhinosaurs did not grow during winter months, but they grew rapidly in the warm season. This meant it was a struggle to survive their early years, but as they got older with protection from the herd they grew out their powerful defenses.
  • In the original cut of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Pachyrhinosaurus was present in the film. It was later removed and changed to Sinoceratops in the theatrical release. Despite being replaced on screen however, Pachyrhinosaurus was listed as rescued on the Arcadia’s manifest, so its possible it may make an appearance in Jurassic World: Dominion.
  • It’s name means “Thick Nose Lizard.”

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You know the rule!

Rarity: Rare

Health: 3750

Damage: 960

Speed: 113

Armor: 20%

Critical: 5%


Long Decelerating Strike

Dig In

Greater Stunning Impact

Passive: Swap in Stunning Strike


Pachyrhinosaurus (Common)

HP: 4000
Damage: 1150
Speed: 112
Armor: 20%
Critical: 5%

Long Decelerating Strike (x1)
Ferocious Regeneration (Priority) (Cleanse self) (+25% health) (+50% damage) (1 turn) [Cooldown: 2]

{Swap in Head Butt} {0.5x} {66% Stun}

Pachyrhinosaurus epic
Hp 3950
Attack 950
Speed 117
Armor 25%
Crit rate 5%
Move set
Long Decelerating Strike
Great Stunning impact
Acute stun
Immune to stun
Swap in Head Butt

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We did voted

Greater Stunning Impact
Swap in Stunning Strike

The better sino

I mean, it has to be since it was the Ceratopsian that was supposed to be in Fallen Kingdom, although I still like Sinoceratops
Both should be epics

And so do I