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Dinosaurs we would Like #12 - Deinosuchus



Not a dinosaur, but it certainly hunted them; Deinosuchus is a famous prehistoric crocodilian from the late Cretaceous. While superficially a massive crocodile, it was actually a genus of alligator. This meant it had a broad snout meant for locking onto a diverse amount of prey types. Deinosuchus was without question an apex predator and exceeded the size of all known contemporary terrestrial predators in the region weighing in at 12+ meters (39 feet) long and 5.5+ tons. It stalked both the freshwater rivers and lakes and the Western Interior Seaway of the United States, and fossil evidence supports it was a generalist predator feeding on large dinosaurs, fish, sea turtles, mosasaurs, cephalopods, pterosaurs, and diving birds. If it could catch it, it was on the menu; ambushing from the waters edge and using its weight to pull animals beneath the surface. This was made possible by its immense strength, and a bite force that surpassed Tyrannosaurus rex’s at a minimum of 18,000 N and a maximum of 102,000 N. That much force would’ve shattered bone to splinters and crushed even giant sea turtle shells to fragments. The only creatures it would’ve truly had as rivals were the oceanic giant mosasaur Tylosaurus and giant shark Cretoxyrhina. Nonetheless it seemed to have been right at home in the open sea and freshwaters, and it swam the breadth of the prehistoric United States to whatever feeding grounds it wished.

Interesting facts:

  • Like many reptiles, Deinosuchus grew during its entire life. Study of their bony armor, or osteoderms, show that they could live over 50 years. Growing for so long, elder Deinosuchus may have reached over 40 feet long, and hunted anything they set sights on.
  • Deinosuchus is in a unique position among Mesozoic wildlife. It is perhaps one of the only non-dinosaur apex predators since the Triassic period that was unrivaled by its dinosaur peers. Albertosaurus on the west coast, a 30 foot Tyrannosaur, and Appalachiosaurus on the east coast, a 26+ foot Tyrannosaur, both show evidence of lethal encounters with the superpredator crocodilian. Only Tyrannosaurus itself may have rivaled it on land, but it disappears from the fossil record before the Tyrant King arrived.
  • Despite its heavy weight, Deinosuchus could perform the infamous death roll. With a 5+ ton behemoth ripping into that spin, it could’ve cleaved hapless dinosaur prey into edible chunks effortlessly.
  • It’s name means “Terrible Crocodile.”

Would you like to see Deinosuchus in Jurassic World: Alive?

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How do you think it would be in game?

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I’m terrible at petting alligators (Creature file #8)


Deinosuchus {EPIC}

HP: 3975
Damage: 1200
Speed: 115
Armor: 15%
Critical: 15%

Definite Strike (x1)

Vulnerability Impact (x1.5) (Target’s is vulnerable for 2 turns) [Cooldown: 1]

Ferocious Regeneration (Priority) (Cleanse self) (+25% health and +50% damage for 1 turn) [Cooldown: 2]

{No Escape}

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Deinosuchus Gen 2 {Rare}

HP: 3825
Damage: 1100
Speed: 114
Armor: 10%
Critical: 10%

Precise Strike (x1)

Vulnerability Rampage (x2) (Target’s is vulnerable for 3 turns [Cooldown 2]

Adrenaline Pulse (+25% Health) [Cooldown: 3]

{Swap in Ferocity} {+50% damage for 2 turns}
{No Escape}


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When I think of Deinosuchus, I immediately think of the Isle for some reason, but here goes nothing
Interestingly, I kinda want it to follow with Sarco, going with bleed. Its possible hybrid can/may be a good counter for Indo G2?

Deinosuchus (Epic)
Speed: 114
Crit chance: 20%
Armour: 10%.

Vulnerability strike
Lethal wound
Lockdown impact

Passive: Minor rending counter
No escape


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Ferocious Impact
Adrenaline Surge
No Escape

This sucker is strong, but vulnerable to nullify


well, here goes nothing
Deinosuchus (Epic)
Health: 4,500
Attack: 1,300
Speed: 108
Defense: 20%
Crit. Chance: 20%

  • Minor Rending Strike
  • Revenge Lockdown - Deal 1.5x damage, pin opponent for 2 turns. Revenge: Deal 1x damage, pin opponent for 3 turns, deal 33.4% DoT for 2 turns.
  • Ferocious Impact
  • No Escape
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Deinosuchus (legendary)

Health: 4739
Attack: 1200
Speed: 120
Defense: 20
Crit chance: 30

Minor rending strike x2
Precise Rampage x2
Immune to distraction
Ferocious strike x2
No escape

Aren’t legendaries only hybrids? Non-hybrids go up till only epic… And have only three active moves.

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Yes why that legendary

Same. Legendary are mostly hybrids and superhybrid

I think he thinks it a hybrid
Sorry for incorrect grammar

Yeah. Same


Hp: 4,350
Dmg: 1,200
Armor: 10%
Crit: 30%

Definite strike
Lethal Wound
Definite Impact

No escape
Simple rending counter
Immune to stuns