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Dinosaurs we would Like #13 - Tropeognathus



Made very popular when it appeared in BBC’s Walking with Dinosaurs as a species of Ornithocheirus, it’s actually a closely related cousin. Tropeognathus currently holds the record for largest pterosaur from both the entire Southern Hemisphere and early Cretaceous with a 8.2 meter (27 foot) wingspan. It’s easily identifiable by its twin convex keeled snout with dozens of interlocking conical teeth. It would’ve soared on rising thermal air currents for vast flights, and it’s snout keels would’ve allowed it to skim the water for fish while flying with almost no drag. Fish, squid, smaller pterosaurs and birds would’ve been its food of choice, and it wouldn’t have hesitated to use its large size to muscle onto scavenging sites along the beaches. The ancient cliffs of the Santana formation Brazil would’ve been alive with giant Tropeognathus soaring in and out of their perches, preparing for their grand seaward voyages.

Interesting facts:

  • While it had a massive wingspan at over 8 meters, it’s wing membranes were actually very thin and slim. This is thought to have been to reduce air drag from wind currents, and it would’ve actually been quite speedy in flight without having to waste much energy flapping.
  • The keels on its snout weren’t just for function, but also for fashion. Tropeognathus males are known to have had larger keels, and would’ve likely been brightly colored to attract mates.
  • Pterosaurs like Tropeognathus with ocean soaring lifestyles are actually one of the reasons it’s so difficult to recover pterosaur fossils. If they died at sea, which may have happened more often than at land, the remains were likely consumed by giant oceanic wildlife never to be seen again.
  • It’s name most appropriately means “Keel Jaw.”

Would you like to see Tropeognathus in Jurassic World: Alive?

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How do you think it would be in game?

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The Tooky Toucan


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Tropeognathus (EPIC)

HP: 2850
Damage: 925
Speed: 130
Armor: 0%
Critical: 5%

Pinning Strike (x1)
Precise Impact (x1.5)
Cleansing Swoop (0.25x)

{Wounding Counter} {33.4%}

Here’s mine

Rarity: Common

Health: 3520

Damage: 910

Speed: 123

Armor: 0%

Critical: 5%


Minimal Speed Strike

Defense Shattering Impact

Passive: Swap in Ferocity, and Armor piercing counter

Decided to try and create some stats (and a moveset) for Tropeognathus:



HP: 3600
DMG: 900
SPD: 124
AMR: 0%
CRIT: 10%

  • Raking Strike (Bypass armor. Remove target’s cloak and evasion. Deal 1x damage)
  • Distracting Impact (Distract 50% for 2 turns. Deal 1.5x damage)
  • Swoop (DoT 0.2x of target’s max HP for 3 turns)

Swap in Ferocity (+50%)

Nullifying Counter (Remove all positive effects. Deal 1x damage)

Tropeognathus is in Jurassic World The Game

true, he’s the undisputed “King of the skies”


The nostalgia of first playing JW TG is coming full force

Null Strike
Ferocious Impact
Distracting Counter (-50% damage for one turn, attack 1x)

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wait a sec
commons can’t have 3 moves

Shoot! Thanks for reminding me



HP : 3300
DMG : 2000
Speed : 131
Armor : 0%
Crit chance : 5%

Cleansing swoop
Instant distraction

Swap in distraction
Wounding counter
No escape

This pterosaur like Spinoconstrictor can stall and then DoT the target with Wounding counter

Also it has ID and swap in D wich is very useful against chompers including Tryko

But against immunes he’s not great cuz you’ve migh noticed but he has any physical move in his kit

Thankfully there isn’t many immunes to DoT just hope to don’t meet Meiolania

OK, this is the worst one yet

What if I add Instant Rampage ?

I could one shot Phorusaura and Indoraptor gen2 :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hp 3000
Attack 1200
Speed 127
Armor 0%
Crit rate 10%
Move set
Instant pinning strike
Swap in wound
Escape on rampage

Dude hate to burst your bubble but as I spino player you actually need that rampages to fight immunes, SS plus PR can do quite a lot for our snek and make lots of things setup fodder

Sorry just mad that’s how the community goes my baby

I know but I want to create wich creatures and their kits want not what the other wants