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Dinosaurs we would Like #15 - Corythosaurus



Quite well known for its strange crest, Corythosaurus has made many media appearances including some action in Jurassic Park 3. A member of the lambeosaurinae family, it inhabited late Cretaceous North America in the Dinosaur Park formation, and was quite large at 9 meters (30 feet) long and 3 tons. It’s crest resembles a Greek Corinthian helmet, for which it was named, and it was surprisingly complex on the inside with chambers and nasal passages. The resonation would’ve allowed it to make interesting calls and bellows, which would’ve been low pitched and very loud. This would’ve been an advantageous warning adaptation for the large herds Corythosaurus might’ve formed, because the region was teeming with predators great and small. It was known to have had a sensitive beak despite having its batteries of cheek teeth, and would’ve fed on fruits, conifer needles, and pine seeds very selectively.

Interesting facts:

  • Corythosaurus was thought to be a water dweller with webbed feet, but this proved incorrect. They would’ve had a thick pad encompassing their toes almost like a mitten, just like modern mammals such as rhinos.
  • A Corythosaurus fossil specimen was found with soft tissue and skin impressions. They would’ve had bumpy polygonal scales with some small lightly protective scutes. It seems most hadrosaurs would’ve had nearly the same scale patterning.
  • Unlike other hadrosaurs that would’ve dwelled out in the open floodplains and grasslands, Corythosaurus preferred to be hidden in among the dense forest. Here it would’ve had less competition from the many types of herbivorous dinosaurs for the succulent fruits it needed. The thick tree cover might’ve also served as additional protection from large predators like Daspletosaurus.
  • It’s name means “Helmet Lizard.”

Would you like to see Corythosaurus in Jurassic World: Alive?

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How do you think it would be in game?

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Hp 4250
Attack 1000
Speed 120
Armor 0%
Crit rate 10%
Move set
Superior strike
Cleaning impact
Rampage and run
Swap in stun(does it name correct? I mean ability when swap in have 66% to stun)

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I love hadrosaurus Corytho was always my favorite along with Maia, Para and Iguanodon.

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Sorry to be that person but Iguanadon is an Iguanadontid and not a hadrosaurid. They’re all ornithopods however,and thus closely related. Iguanadon’s closest relatives are other Iguanadontids such as Tenontosaurus

Rarity: Common


  • Health: 5000
  • Attack: 1100
  • Speed: 116
  • Armor: 0%
  • Crit: 5%


  • Superiority strike
  • Superiority impact
  • Swap in stun

Corythosaurus (Common)

HP: 5000
Damage: 1150
Speed: 114
Armor: 0%
Critical: 5%

Cleansing Strike (x1)
Superiority Impact (x1.5)

{Swap in Stun} {75%}

That’s gonna be save for the future

Superiority Strike
Rampage and Run
Swap In Stun (preferably 100%, but 66% works too)

Strong Tank, but thylo, rixis, and chops will eat it alive



HP: 5400
DMG: 1050
SPD: 114
AMR: 0%
CRIT: 5%

  • Superior Vulnerability
  • Cleansing Impact
  • Stun and Run (Deal 1x damage. 75% chance to stun for 1 turn. Automatic Swap) [Cooldown: 2]

(Swap in Stun) [66%]

Oh I need to revise my dino knowledge :slight_smile:

So far it seems the carnivores always have the higher votes, except for Styraco. Interesting :thinking:

Any other popular herbivores you guys want to get a post and vote?

Shantungosaurus maybe?
There’s Dryosaurus, or even Homalocephale

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Corythosaurus (Epic)
Health: 5,100
Attack: 1,100
Speed: 110
Defense: 0%
Crit. Chance: 5%

  • Superiority Strike
  • Instant Rampage
  • Distracting Impact
  • Swap-in Stun

also, do you think you can compile a list of the past few Dinosaurs We Would Like?

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I have each one linked together, but when I finish the series I’ll create a post with links to all of them in order in case there’s some anyone wants to revisit

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We already have 2 common, 2 rare and 2 epic hadrosaurs. Enough for me, something different please


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