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Dinosaurs we would Like #18 - Carcharodontosaurus



The tyrant from Africa with a mouthful of a name, Carcharodontosaurus is a name hard not to know when dinos get brought up. Making its mark in the beginning of the late Cretaceous, it was Africa’s dominant species atop a dangerous and entangled food chain. This was likely the reason it was so large at 13.3 meters (44 feet) long and 7+ tons, and it toted a 5 foot long skull for inflicting massive damage on whatever drew it’s undesirable attention. Besides it’s great size, it’s well known for its trademark identification in symmetry with another apex predator: the great white shark and its teeth. Its teeth were long, laterally compressed, and heinously serrated for decisive and deep cuts like steak knifes. It was surprisingly quick for its size, and its head was situated at a point of perfect center of mass; it could lift up to 453 kg (1,000 pounds) or more with ease in the grip of its jaws. It lived in a mixed biome of mangroves, tidal deltas, rainforest, and desert; here it would’ve stood off with the giant aquatic Spinosaurus at the waters edge, and hunted anything, except perhaps the nigh invincible Paralititan, that strayed into the open. This may have included smaller sauropods as a favorite prey, such as Rebbachisaurus, Aegyptosaurus, or Dicraesaurus, since they were too slow to escape such a fearsome, giant predator’s onslaught.

Interesting facts:

  • If you wanted to time travel to see dinosaurs, late Cretaceous Northern Africa would not be the place. The concentration of predators was unusually great, and it would’ve been perhaps one of the most dangerous faunal locations in all of earth’s history. Notably: Carcharodontosaurus (44 feet), Spinosaurus (48+ feet), Kaprosuchus (20 feet), Deltadromeus (26 feet), Bahariasaurus (39 feet), Rugops (14 feet), and dozens more including giant crocodiles, large predatory pterosaurs, brackish water mosasaurs, giant carnivorous fish, and many other theropods in every size niche.
  • Carcharodontosaurus was first discovered in 1914 with a partial skull and other assorted bones. These fossils were destroyed in 1944 during an Allied bombing raid over Germany in World War 2. The dinosaur would have to be rediscovered 41 years later in 1995.
  • A second species exists of Carcharodontosaurus specified as C. iguidensis found in Niger. This species seems to be more adapted to tight forest conditions, being on an average 10 feet shorter than its giant C. saharicus contemporary from Morocco and Egypt.
  • It’s name means “Great White Shark Tooth Lizard.” Carcharodon, the genus for Great White Sharks which it was named, means “Sharp Tooth.”

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How do you think it would be in game?

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Breaths in and out*

Rarity: Common

Health: 4360

Damage: 1570

Speed: 102

Armor: 0%

Critical: 30%


Defense Shattering Strike

Ferocious Impact

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Carcharodontosaurus (Common)

HP: 4450
Damage: 1600
Speed: 104
Armor: 0%
Critical: 30%

Minor Rending Attack (0.34x Max HP)

Rending Attack (0.4x Max HP)

{On Escape Ferocity} {When opponent’s try to escape, Increase +50% damage for 2 turns}

{Medium Shattering Counter-Attack} {x0.5}

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Hp 4600
Atk 1600
Speed 102
Armor 0%
Crit rate 40%
Move set
Lethal wound
The Predator ( when kill opponent heal 10% from max hp) idk what passive name should be


HP : 4800
DMG : 1500
Speed : 106
Armor : 10%
Crit chance : 20%

Defense Shaterring strike
Lethal wound
Precise defense Shaterring Impact

Immune to stuns
On escape dust cloud

[Charcharodontosaur + Alloraptor]


HP : 3750
DMG : 1500
Speed : 126
Armor : 10%
Crit chance : 20%

Lethal wound
Precise defense shaterring rampage
Precise pounce

Immune to deceleration
Immune to stun
On escape dust cloud

I can’t imagine carcharodontosaurus or giganotosaurus at anything less than epic.


I’m really pretty surprised how few votes carchar got, I thought he’d be one of the most popular of the bunch. Him and Cerato both only got 20 votes :thinking:

Def Strike
Extended Crit Strike
REEEEEEEEE (no better name): When opponent nulls positive effects, increase ferocity by 50% for 3 turns