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Dinosaurs we would Like #20 - Compsognathus



Compsognathus, the tiny terror near and dear to everyone who has seen a JP film. It was once recognized as the smallest dinosaur when it was discovered in 1850 and approximately chicken sized, but that was now known to be a juvenile. A fully grown Compsognathus was one poultry size up to about turkey range, at 1.2 meters (4 feet) long and 7 pounds at most. It was a delicate creature with light bones and a slim body, and it would’ve spent its days in the middle Jurassic darting and hopping about in the underbrush. If you can imagine it, Compsognathus was the apex predator of the ancient tropical island archipelago it lived on, being the only dinosaur found there. It would’ve competed with small pterosaurs and Archaeopteryx during its rein of terror over small lizards, insects, and mouselike mammals. It is found and best known from the Solnhofen formation in Bavaria, Germany in the well preserved limestone slabs.

Interesting facts:

  • Compsognathus was very limber, and it was capable of running 60 kph (40 mph)!
  • Even though it’s jaws were filled with dozens on dozens of tiny sharp teeth, Compsognathus preferred to swallow things whole. Skeletons of its favorite prey Bavarisaurus, a small lizard, were found so often swallowed whole within Compsognathus stomachs that it was thought originally to be unborn embryos!
  • Compsognathus is incorrectly identified in Jurassic Park: The Lost World. Dr. Robert Burke calls it Compsognathus triassicus, but that species actually refers to Procompsognathus from the Triassic period and it is only distantly related. This is possibly an Easter egg from the novels, where it was in fact actually Procompsognathus that appeared originally.
  • Though other compsognathids were feathered, fossil evidence shows that Compsognathus itself was not.
  • It’s name means “Elegant Jaw.”

Would you like to see Compsognathus in Jurassic World: Alive?

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How do you think it would be in game?

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I’d posted a while back about having this little horror in the game. They could attack in a small pack of 3 or 4 :slight_smile:


Daww! So adorable!

Rarity: Common

Health: 2990

Damage: 1360

Speed: 129

Armor: 0%

Critical: 5%


Precise Strike

Distracting Impact

More facts!



Compsognathus {Common}


Cautious Strike (x1) (Cleanse self) (+10% speed for 2 turns) (bypass cloak and evasion) (75% dodge and -50% damage for 1 turn)

Adrenaline Pulse (+25% Health) (Cleanse self)

{Swap in Dodge} {100% dodge for 1 turn}

{Wounding Counter-Attack} {DoT 33.4% Max HP for 1 turn after receiving and surviving a physical attack}

I think he should make all the dinosaurs really lived. and then make new ones !! this is my idea

Yes! I love Compies

Ah yes, the infant eater itself, the compy

compy and troodon could have a new family tree and a new type of bleed known as poison.

An actually balanced cs user

Velocity Rampage (2x damage, +50% speed for 3 turns, cool down 2
Passive: Tiny terror (please help with name): Every attack taken has a 50% chance to deal no damage (basically 1.4 dodge)

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@Stygimoloch_29 already did a topic about Compsognathus so don’t hesitate to check if you want to see more versions

There’s mine

Rarity : Epic

HP : 1500
DMG : 1400
Speed : 132
Armor : 0%
Crit chance : 5%

Evasive strike
Instant Impact
Revenge Pounce
(Revenge mode : reduce target’s dmg to 75% during 2 turns)

On escape velocity

(when the opponent leaves, buff itself 10% on speed during 3 turns)

[Compsognathus +Alloraptor]

Rarity : Unique

HP : 3600
DMG : 1400
Speed : 132
Armor : 0%
Crit chance : 5%

Evasive strike
Definite Impact
Rending Takedown
Revenge Precise Pounce

(Revenge mode : reduce target’s dmg to 75% during 2 turns)

Immune to deceleration
Immune to swap prevention
On escape velocity

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I would make its speed 129 or 130.

True. A creature with horrible stats with a totally powerful ability. It’s more balanced than … I prefer not to say the name. :sweat_smile:

Versions are always welcome! :sweat_smile:



HP: 2500
DMG: 1450
SPD: 131
CRIT: 10%
AMR: 0%

  • Persistent Critical Strike (Deal 1x damage. Increase Critical chance by 50% for 2 turns.)
  • Precise Pounce
  • Evasive Impact (Deal 1.5x damage. Gain 75% chance to dodge 66% of damage for 1 turn.) [Cooldown: 2]

Immune to Deceleration

I also decided to try and create a hybrid for it, so here you go!

[Comsognathus + Diplovenator]


HP: 3900
DMG: 1200
SPD: 126
CRIT: 10%
AMR: 0%

  • Persistent Critical Strike
  • Distracting Impact
  • Evasive Impact
  • Instant Distraction

Immune to Stuns and Deceleration

Precise Shattering Counter (x1)