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Dinosaurs we would Like #24 - Alamosaurus



Although Alamosaurus doesn’t have quite the same fame as other sauropods like Argentinosaurus and Diplodocus, it has been becoming ever more prominent over time in different media and games. It was a supermassive titanosaurian sauropod tied in size for the largest of all land animals in history with Argentinosaurus and Patagotitan. It was the largest of all North American dinosaurs at 30+ meters (98+ feet) long, 80 tons (160,000 pounds), and a vertical stature somewhat reminiscent of the Jurassic period Brachiosaurus that let it stand tall at around 10 meters high (32 feet). It was related to the South American Saltasaurus, so it would’ve had twin rows of large spiked osteoderms (bone armor), and smaller osteoderms imbedded into its skin. It lived in the southern portion of the western United States that was divided by the Interior Seaway. It seemed to have enjoyed living in the long spanning arid desert plains that were speckled with groves of conifers that it would’ve preferred to eat from. It lived alongside famous animals Tyrannosaurus, Quetzalcoatlus, Torosaurus, and Edmontosaurus right until the very end of dinosaur life when the asteroid struck-- ending the Cretaceous period. In its time it would’ve been invincible to even Tyrannosaurus rex. Its insurmountable strength, stature, and tough armor would’ve likened it to attacking a living mountain.

Interesting facts:

  • Alamosaurus is the latest surviving sauropod known to science. Some of its fossils have been found in the same rock strata as the K-Pg asteroid strike extinction event. It would’ve been some of the first species to go extinct following the cataclysm since they required so much food, food that just couldn’t grow with the sunlight blocked out from atmospheric debris. Gradually, the gentle titans of a bygone era disappeared forever; the playful melodic bellows that once filled the air were slowly replaced by a cold ashen silence as a mournful and wounded earth carefully buried its old caretakers.
  • Alamosaurus was a very successful species in its time, and fossil footprints show it had great migratory herds across the plains. It was the dominant herbivore species of the southern portion of Laramidia, while ceratopsians were most common in the north. Its sudden and successful appearance in the area is unusual since it was thought titanosaurs were extinct in North America by this time with the disappearance of Sauroposeidon 30 million years earlier.
  • How big was Alamosaurus really? If you stood beside an adult, it’s elbows and knees would be higher than your head. It was as long as three and a half school buses end to end, and taller than a bus stood on it’s front end. Because of its massive weight, each footstep would have an impact tremor registering as a 2.1 earthquake within 150 meters, that’s the local energy equivalent of 48 kg of TNT in a single footstep! You wouldn’t have heard it JP style, but the footsteps would’ve vibrated you from your feet to your chest.
  • It’s name means “Ojo Alamo Lizard.” It is often confused for being named after the battle of the Alamo in Texas, but it is actually named for the Ojo Alamo rock formation that it was found in.

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Rarity: Epic

Health: 6750

Damage: 1030

Speed: 104

Armor: 0%

Critical: 5%


Long Decelerating Strike

Defense Shattering Impact

Lockdown Impact

Alamosaurus (Epic)

HP: 5900
Damage: 925
Speed: 101
Armor: 15%
Critical: 15%

Long Decelerating Strike (x1) (-50% speed for 2 turns)

Definitive Stun (x1.5) (Remove target’s cloak, evasion and shields) (Bypass armor) (25% Stun) [Cooldown: 1]

Ready for Rampage (x2) (+25% damage and chance critical for 2 turns) [Cooldown: 2]

{Counter - Bellow} {+25% shields and -25% speed for 1 turn after receiving and surviving a physical attack}

{Immune to Stuns}

Alamosaurus Gen 2 (Common)

HP: 5750
Damage: 875
Speed: 105
Armor: 15%
Critical: 5%

Ready for Strike (x1) (+25% damage and chance critical for 2 turns)

Definitive Stun (x1.5) (Remove target’s cloak, evasion and shields) (Bypass armor) (25% Stun) [Cooldown: 1]

{Counter - Bellow} {+25% shields and -25% speed for 1 turn after receiving and surviving a physical attack}

{Immune to Stuns}

Whenever I think of this dino, I think of SWEET HOME ALABAMA

I’m so sorry for this joke.

Remember the Alamosaurus.

Pinning Strike
Decel Rampage
Extended Crit Strike
Swap In Slow

A more offensive version of diplodocus