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Dinosaurs we would Like #3 - Therizinosaurus



One of natural history’s great mysteries for years, Therizinosaurus is known in fossil evidence only by giant arms tipped with meter long claws that brought it to notoriety as perhaps a horrific predator. When other members of its family were discovered across the earth however, it is now known to be the opposite: a mild tempered herbivore albeit with a wicked arsenal. Therizinosaurus tops the scale of its entire family at a massive 10 meters long (33 feet), around 3 meters tall, and 5 tons. Unsurprisingly, it is unlikely to have had any natural predators. It had a keratinous beak with leaf shaped teeth that helped it chew its diet of fibrous plants and high reaching tree tops. It lived in a biological hotspot consisting of arid desert deltas with bursts of canopy forest and lush oasis’s.

Interesting facts:

  • When it’s arms and 1 meter claws were discovered, it was actually assumed to have been a giant turtle! It currently holds the record for largest claws of any animal to have ever lived.
  • Therizinosaurus lived in the Nemegt formation of Late Cretaceous Mongolia. It lived in an ecosystem full of an unusually high number of gigantic animal species including Tarbosaurus (12 meters), Deinocheirus (12 meters), Shantungosaurus (16.6 meters), and Gigantoraptor (8 meters).
  • It is often shown to have feathers, but no evidence of this yet exists for Therizinosaurus. It likely had few to no feathers because of its gigantothermy, meaning it’s great size alone is enough to maintain consistent and comfortable body temperatures.
  • It’s name as you might expect means “Scythe Lizard”

Would you like to see Therizinosaurus in Jurassic World: Alive?

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How do you think it would be in game?

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I’m a little surprised Therizino isn’t as sought after as I would’ve thought

Interesting :thinking:

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We need Therizino, it’s great and I love how it looked in JWTG, here’s what I would do:

Minimal Speedup Strike
Precise Rampage
Lethal Wound

3600 HP
1500 DMG
5 crit
0 Armor
131 Speed

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Here’s mine


Rarity: Rare

Health: 3190

Damage: 1290

Speed: 129

Armor: 0%

Critical: 5%


Minimal Speed Strike

Precise Rampage

Instant Distraction

My Version: Therizinosaurus {Rare} :star_struck:


Minimal Speedup Strike (x1)
Revenge Rampage (x2)
Adrenaline Pulse (+25% HP)

{Immune to Swap Prevention}

I did my version of Therizino some time ago (but now I have upgraded “Devastation” to “Revenge Rampage”)

My take
Rarity: Epic


  • Health: 3500
  • Attack: 1550
  • Speed: 129
  • Armor: 0%
  • Crit: 5%


  • Minimal speedup strike
  • Delayed rampage
  • Impact and run

Raking Attack ( Remove evasion, deal 1.5x armor piercing damage )

We gotta do something special about those claws

Why doesn’t erliko have lethal wound. Their claws r huge, probably meant for impaling creatures.

Hence the rake

i think this would be it:
Therizinosaurus: Rare
Wild Card
Minimal Speedup Impact
Raking Claws