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Dinosaurs we would Like - Collection

My short little series is now brought to a close. Hopefully it was at least mildly entertaining/informative, and serves as a small request for some of these dinos we know well. Miss a day and didn’t get to read an article or place a vote? Here’s all of them in order.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:


Why did you stop at Alamosaurus?


I felt like I covered all the most requested dinos based on old polls

What about Coelophysis?

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Any others?

For now, that’s all I got. Oh wait. Placerias

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I would but I’m not too sure that many know what Placerias is :thinking:

Yeah. That’s why I’m only left with Coelophysis unfortunately

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perhaps archaeopteryx, microraptor, edmontonia maybe
and struthiomimus

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My boy Protoceratops getting ignored like this all the time…

i feel like indoraptor gen 5 should be up there for obvious reasons

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I did a creature file on a Protoceratops

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hol up link that i wanna see

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the creature file

Okay, then.

Here y’all are: Mini triceratops (Creature file #79)

ah very nice that would be pretty neat to have

Why. Thank you