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Dinosaurs went missing

To whom it may concern,

My both level 30 Mammotherium went missing while I’m trying to go for instant evolution. This incident was happened on 13 September 2020. Looking forward for your reply.

Thank you,

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You need to send a ticket into support they can’t do anything about it from your post here.

I recommend sending a ticket to their email instead of in game, but that’s just the way I prefer.


Make sure you include your support key. The more data you can give Support, the better. If you have pictures, include them. Don’t expect a response for about 5 business days

If you know about what time it happened (which you can sort of figure out from the countdown on the ICL) include that along with the day it happened and the details on the creatures fused.

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Delete that picture


If you post your support key, other can see it and try to claim your game. Only share it with support via email.

I also lost my Dunkleosaurus when I used instant fuse. I have logged a ticket. Hopefully support will fix the issue soon.

I meant for you to send that information to support, not me. As mentioned by others, no one here can address your issue and showing your support key is particularly risky.

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What is the email address to reach them?

It’s at the bottom of my initial post to you up above.