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Dinosaurs you cant catch, hidden by a strike event post


Look at the pictures please.
There is no change to catch them, today there was even a rare but luckely it was over yesterday. Imagine of it was an epic jou cant catch because jou cant click on it and opens every time the strike post… That could happen🤔

Think I found a solution
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Hey PlayingStyleG, thanks for bringing this up to us. I have already notified our team about this, and they’re aware of the issue. If you have any other information, feel free to reach out to them here at with your support key.

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I have a screenshot attached, but this great Utahraptor is stuck in the Battle Tower area. Could we get at least get Dinos not allowed within a radius of the tower? This is so frustrating and could be a possible bug. Thanks y’all! I couldn’t access the dino at all, despite numerous taps on my screen. Screenshot_20180809-035739_JW%20Alive


Same here. Diplotator was sitting all snug and nearly unseen in my strike tower, and I need her dna.

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Can’t grab him. I would only really be upset if it was an epic or something


If I fits, I sits… Apato was sitting in the same tower too.


This is a constant for me, too. Usually it is a rare when I comes across for me. So frustrating!

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I get this constantly, mostly with dinos I don’t need/not in the mood for…looking at you, Allo.

But my best is this one:


Can we make it so that dinos don’t spawn within a strike event?
It’s very difficult to tap the dino without it thinking you’re tapping the event. Some times I can get it after playing around with the map angle, but I’ve missed out on a couple rares and even an epic to this.

Either make it so they don’t spawn on top of them, OR a bigger idea could be the ability for a player to turn on and off certain map elements. Then we could temporarily remove the strike events to catch the dino. As of right now the map doesn’t get too crowded, but you could make it filter out things like commons, or supply drops, or even rares if you so choose.

Or, you know, just don’t let them spawn there.


I met this situation several times that if a dino spawns right in a supply drop, I can’t select it. I always open an event screen. Like this one. Thanks God, it’s not so much wanted one.




Rare dinosaur that I can’t capture because the arena is on top of it. So I lose out on capturing a dinosaur because of a programming bug. Please fix this problem.


Try zooming in so you are looking at it side on. You can usually tap on them then.

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I’ve tried that. It just kept pulling me into the arena…


Hey TitusBlack, thanks for reporting this to us. Our team is aware of the issue, but due to the dynamic spawn nature of the dinos and the method of Strike Event placements, there isn’t really much our team can do right now. However, our team will still be looking into this issue.

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That one


Same happened to me.
Got really extremely close, still couldn’t tap that creature.
This is annoying, and give up that Kaprosuchus just let me lost more than 200 DNA.

Couldn’t imagine how disappointing it will be if there is an epic dino blocked by strike event station.
Shouldn’t dinos be priority to strike event station?


Please either make these bases smaller since most dinos that spawn there the DNA can’t be obtained. No matter what I tried I couldn’t get this dino. OR change it were we can pick the Strike Event or the dino. :thinking:Screenshot_20180817-174311_JW%20Alive Screenshot_20180817-174717_JW%20Alive Screenshot_20180817-174801_JW%20Alive

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Creatures appear inside Strike Events and unobtainable event after Event is cleared. Tried tapping every which way, but it just drags up the completed Strike Event.


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Yeah, could have done with this megalo, but alas…

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Had the same issue with Utahraptor. Could not click in not matter which angle I tried. However with the bigger dinosaurs, spinosaurus I have somehow been able to click it