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Dinosaurs you wish were in the game?


Iv been playing since June and I don’t know about anybody else but I’m so mad, that Thiers not a troodon or Compy.

I thought they could have a packhunter passive ability where there stats are doubled if you get both on your team from the draw…

I also want oviraptor

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I want Alpha from JP3 and an actual Ceratosaurus.

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You guys already said it all lol. Maybe new hybrid of dracorex+concavenator and lets call her Draconator. Cool name isnt it?


I want Troodon, Oviraptor, and Compies, too. Also want Maiasaura, Diplodocus, Styracosaurus and Pachycephalosaurus.


Oh, and maybe Ultrasauros thown in for good measure! :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, I admit it…I’m sort of partial to the large herbivores. My favorite modern wild animal is the wolf, but when it comes to dinosaurs, I get all sappy about the plant-eaters. Go figure!


I’d like a Dodo to be in the game too. :laughing:

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I could get behind that. I’m thinking it would rely heavily on a stun attack. :joy: It was a very recent extiction in the grand scheme of things…less than an eyeblink ago…but maybe another April Fool’s Day idea? They can have an event in which the island is overrun by dodos.


a 1/1 dino with 1,000,000 health and attack and i have the only one.


:joy::joy::joy: Keep dreaming!


I would love a cryolophosaurus personally. With kind of an icy looking skin.


I want a legendary or unqiue TRex to represent the TRex that has been with us since the original Jurassic Park. It is a travesty that with all the hybrids and super hybrids that TRex has become and early to mid level dino.


Yea agreed! Or Mayby a Rex/carthodota/giganata hybrid… just a pure powerhouse of a beast.

Microceratopsian be cool too. Prob wouldn’t use it tho


Rexy from the films as a unqiue T Rex.

Animals I really want to see:

Compsognathus (swarm?).

I’d rather not see prehistoric mammals and the like. No mammoths, megalodon, giant sloths…etc. Let’s keep it strictly Mesozoic (dimetrodon gets a pass :slight_smile: ) .


Yes. Ultrasauros and Troodon are the ones I miss the most in this game.


Composognatus, Carcharadontosaurus, Styracosaurus, archaeopterix, and the original Ceratosaurus from jp

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Not from that period but what about Titanboa :snake:


Diplodocus (with tail whip), Compsognathus, Coelophysis, Styracosaurus, Maiasaura, -Lambeosaurus, Corythosaurus or Olorotitan, - and some swimming reptiles would be nice too.


Dimorphodon and/or Rhamphorhyncus (pterosaurs)


They really should put Compsognathus, Pachycephalosaurus and Dimorphodon. Those dinos had their big moments in the movies =)

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Fact of the matter is…I want every scientifically known and accepted dinosaur species, minimum. Disputed dino species are not necessarily as important to me, but I think the game is lacking something as long as there are generally accepted dinosaur species ‘left out’. It’d be great if every player had a chance to catch their favorite dinosaur.

I don’t care as much about the non-dino animals, though I doI approve of the aquatic animals being added next. I’d love to see Ludia flesh out the complete dinosaur roster within the next year or two, though. That seems doable to me.

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