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I’ve seen a few others talk about this but not in the detail that I would like to discuss. I think having dinosaurs spawn and walk around would be so much better than what we have now, for a few reasons.
*It steps up the immersiveniss of the game, allowing the players to feel as if we have to chase these Dino’s down rather than walk up to one fixed location.
*Also if the trails are highlighted we can have and idea how much time we have to go get a particular dino which solves the epic/rare Dino’s seemingly disappearing out of no where without putting physical timers on them

  • A basic way to set it up would be to create 15 common trails that take 15-20minute to walk, 10 rare ones that take 8-12min, and 5 epic that take 3-5 min… Also you could have the Dino’s spawn at and point on it’s trail so if an epic spawns half way on a 3 minute trail you only have a minute 30sec to get it rather than seeing an epic, going towards it then it disappearing


@MKTG @Marcus

I concur. First, I’d like to state that I thoroughly enjoy this game and play it quite a bit. It’s also helped motivate me to go on walks, which at the moment with an injured back, is the most active thing I can do.

When I read some articles about an Augmented Reality Jurassic World Alive game to be released, it gave the impression that it was going to be one of the first widely released and popular AR game to fully utilize the technology and be an innovative step forward. I pre-registered as soon as I saw it and still had the idea that it was going to be more immersive than it is and use augmented reality during gameplay. As of right now, all you can do is take a picture or video of dinosaurs, which doesn’t work all that well and is rather lackluster.

What Lucas proposed above would be a great move for JW Alive to be a game-changer for Augmented Reality to the masses and establish the company as an innovator and leader in the industry. There are countless ways that Augmented Reality can be implemented into the game such as during battles, the arena environments, quests, friends, and the list goes on.

I’ve tagged the Staff and Community members to this reply so they will see and can comment on these thoughts. Also, is there a roadmap for the existing plan posted somewhere?

If you have the time, would any of you be able to provide us with some more insight on the plan and is there any way we may be able to help?

Thank you for taking the time and it’s much appreciated!