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Dio and Tryko

Both Dio and Tryko need some tweaking with this update.

My suggestion for Dio, is giving Dio Stun immunity, Vulnerability immunity and Distraction resistance, so that it can still keep its job.

My suggestion for Tryko is returning it’s resilient counter since it no longer slows, it cannot effectively do it role.

tryko is out of the meta

I kinda disagree. Dio is, for the most part, and anti-Resilient and anti-Cunning tank and if anything it actually got buffed and is going to do waaaay more damage, and both of its shields will heavily, if not completely, negate any additional damage Vulnerability could inflict. Any Distraction resistance is kinda pointless since Resilient will cleanse that anyway and if you’ve boosted your Dio right that Resilient Rampage will off whatever you’re up against or deal so much damage it’ll put your opponent in a really bad spot. As far as Stuns go, Dio can still take on most of the creatures with Stun moves, it just has to play a little smarter; Scorpios Rex of course is the sole exception, but as a Cunning Fierce, it’s supposed to have an edge against Resilients anyway.

And I think at this point, Trykosaurus may as well be treated as a pure Fierce creature, rather than a Fierce-Resilient. It’s got armor and a shield, so it’s not like Cunnings are going to run it over all of a sudden anyway.