Dio counter changed?

I thought dio had an armor piercing counter but it looks like it has a raking counter?
I think this is new and I also think it might have made dio better

It’s had that for a long while now.


But I saw a vid fighting dio and it had an armor piercing counter

Diorajasaur had Raking Counter since a long time like @Persianking44 said. You might have watched an old video.


Maybe then
Sorry for the trouble :sweat_smile:

It’s had raking counter for a long time( I’m pretty sure it’s been like this since 20)

I mean, It DOES bypass armor … Rajankylo’s counter is non ranking. It’s just a precise armor piercing counter. Maybe you confused Dior’s with another dino

It had the ACTUAL attack for awhile. The emblem/picture has been changed.

You aren’t going nuts. I’ve seen it myself.

That’s nice to know :upside_down_face:

I don’t even think they’ve changed the picture in a long time.

Honeslty dio needs to be nerfed……

Come on…

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Is this a joke

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No (ten letters)

It’s not even that good. Yes it can kill skoona and rarely the deer but it get destroyed by Scorp3 and anything with bleed since it has zero resistance. And also non-OP creatures can kill it like tryko and grypo.

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Its had raking counter since 2.0 or so, this isn’t new.

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no, stop, no nerf/buff wars!!! Its fine!!! OMG

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Why would you want to suggest a nerf for poor Diorajasaur?


Run Grypo = free kill, wym. It doesnt need a nerf