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Dio rajasaur, a unique..?


I know that Dio rajasaur belongs to Apex low tier but how far is this a good dino to be in the unique list… It’s attack is very low and that 1x defense shattering counter attack is pointless. And the most important thing is, it doesn’t inherit the extended critical strike from the raja’s…it should have the extended critical chance or at least an increase in the attack…


Totally agree.
Even when facing Dracoceratops (a Legendary which is created from two Commmons) with its Swap in Shattering Rampage used up, Dioraja (swap-in’s intended counter) takes a lot of damage in trying to take it down.
Compare this to how other counters match up against their intended targets - e.g. Tenontorex/Thorad vs Stegodeus, Tragodistis or any other tank. These theropods utterly crush tanks, usually with some health left over for at least one more attack before finally dropping.
Not to mention, both theropods are created from ingredients more common than Dioraja’s. (2 Epics + 1 Rare vs 1 Epic + 2 Commons [Thorad]/2 Rares + 1 Common [Tenonto])


Yeah Diorajasaurus is not that good against Dracoce-RAT-OP-s.

But it has its use, it’s a tank-breaker tank. It crunches up Stegodeus, Tragodistis, I-Rex, Erlidominus to name a few.

On even levels it can wound up Trykosaurus pretty badly as well (though not outright killing it).

It kinda needs a bit more hp (I’d say 4200 at lvl 26), but it’s kinda underrated for what it can do already. It’s that it is kind of a niche dinosaur, it’s not a “good for every situation”, like Indoraptor.


instant distraction would be nice


I have one at lvl 24 and i just benched mine. It really needs at least that extended crit from Rajakylo and probably some HP and Damage increase too :thinking:


I was looking forward to making dioraj but now regret wasting anky dna on it that I could have put into Tryko to level up instead. Just put mine on bench too. If anyone does not have this and is planning on making it a would hold off until the next update to see if it gets a buff. Use the dna for Tryko instead if you have limited anky dna. This guy gets crushed by any big chomper.


Are you swapping dioraj into the sia hit? If so that’s your problem dioraj has lowish health relies on its shield to survive which siadsr cuts straight through, dioraj can counter the dracs but only as revenge killer I’m using gigaspike for switching in to swallow siadsr and also kill the offending drac/tops when I can pre-empt the sia as giga has enough HP to tank at least a dsr and still get the crucial pin off and finish dracocera. Though I often don’t bother and just do revenge kill so that my giga has enough health to at least put up a fight against the next dino


Pinning attack is just not a good enough move. I call it ‘pin and die’. When you use pin, you lose all of your defensive and offensive capabilities just for that 1 times damage and the effect of pinning. In many scenarios like dioraja’s case, if you choose pin, you just die; If you decide to put up your shield first, you cannot pin your opponent.

Dioraja does take down dracoceratops, but after that it’s almost dead as well, which actually favors the opponent if he or she has a set up dino in the bag, so it’s actually not a fair trade if you pull out diorajasaur against a swapper.


I also faced similar issue where I went all out on Dioraja thinking Tryko is bad and then after level 22 on Dioraja I found that Tryko is beast and I used all my Anky on Dioraja …

Though currently now my Tryko is level 25 (just hit 25 today after using loads of epic scents for kentro) but Dioraja is still at level 22 and benched