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Dio vs Tryko

Anybody else have their Counterattack not go?

In the round my Dio went first damaging the Tryko to near death (109). Their Tryko Counterattacked my Dio. Then their Tryko hit my Dio with a damaging attack which I survived, my Dio never Counterattacked which should have killed the Tryko. This caused a shift in the battle as the next round the Slow Down had worn off the Tryko and the Tryko got to go first killing my Dio and since I didn’t have anything remaining faster than the Tryko, they got another hit on my next dinosaur taking half its health.

Chances are I wasn’t going to win the battle anyhow as many of my opponent’s team was higher than my highest level dinosaur. But if this is a bug then it needs to be squashed as it creates an unfair advantage.

I haven’t had this. The only occasion where the counter attack doesn’t happen is when Dio or Tryko is stunned. If they are stunned after using their priority moves, the counter attack of the next turn will also be lost.

Hey James_Simmons, could you submit a bug report for this so our team could take a closer look?


Tryko doesn’t have a stun attack so I know I wasn’t stunned.