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Dionyx! Tyrant class? this is real?

I found this on Reddit! Fake? April Fool’s Day?

Need 100 dna from each Unique to fuse. New arena coming soon?
Shield team 100%?


if this is a new arena, awesome. but there is no way im gonna have that in normal arena and i think tyrant should just be like apex stats and unique moves which would be op and more powerful,but not crazy. id rather have aquatics tho

edit: its def april fools, i wouldnt want this even in a new arena


so not real? sad

the link please :+1:

can’t find anymore, using private window.

@BadBoost this is clearly false, at most this will be a boss like lord lythronax


ok, so need to wait April Fool’s Day

Probably an April fools boss


But looks like a class above Apex.
Dio/Tryko must have Lvl 30.
Something between Lvl 30>35?

@BadBoost or are we going to discredit a possible illusion, or are we going to wait to see if something there is true :man_shrugging:

Which Reddit?

I just checked and there are no images of this anywhere on it in the main JWA Reddit.

Also if this was an official leak it would include the ingame JWA abitlites/stats. Not from the website where you can fanmake creatures, so I highly doubt this is a real leak.


Could you link the Reddit post? I highly doubt that this is not just fanmade. The quality of the first image isn’t very good, certainly not up to Ludia’s standards, and the design of the creature is essentially identical to Mortem with a slightly different head. That said, you can see a weird spot behind its brow where it looks like the two images (they have different lighting too) were joined together, but not very well.

And that’s not even mentioning the fact that those stats and the new rarity make no sense unless you increase the level cap above 30, which would be a massive change. Also not only does this involve giving superhybrids a hybrid, but fusing 2 of them together, which is about as unlikely as things get in this game, because it opens the door for a massive amount of possibilities, and would require a lot of trouble to implement, basically there’s a lot of problems with the idea.


the wallpaper may be real, but for sure these stats in my opinion is a fanmade

it might be, but it looks a lot like mortem rex for some reason. i somewhat hope this is real and somewhat hope it is not

The wallpaper imo doesn’t look like ludias normal art. The one shown look more like they’re using an actual 3D model to make it, when usually ludia’s art team appear to always do 2D art. The 2D art has much more detail than the 3D models and this appears to not exactly have as much detail as the 2d art to me. Also, that model appears to be a mortem rex with some minor changes like the head shape, and other stuff like some weird stuff seems to be going on with the tongue, a bit of weird lighting, and maybe more details on the back but that may be wrong. This is just how I view it, seems fanmade to me, but not 100% sure


Either way, it still looks dope!

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sick design, let’s hope it’s real :t_rex: :t_rex:

stats might need a slight rework tho

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If this is real, probably an April fools boss because I don’t see this being added as a regular creature. If this is fake, great job to the artist it looks really cool! (I’m not being sarcastic)


Probs just a fanmade concept someone made. I do like the concept tho


How is the first image linked to the moveset and stats? Is there actual evidence for these attributes being real and linked to the dino in the first image? Basically, where did you get that information from?

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