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Dioraja buffed!


Just found Dioraja was buffed. It has swap in ferocity now.

Combining with the 1x counter attack, this is insane!!!


Beast!! Can u share a snapshot plz?


Metahub ain’t updating anything about that


I just faced a lv25 Dioraja lol

This really pissed me off. How dare they kept buffing uniques I don’t have :joy::joy::joy:


alright since very few people bothered to create dioraja, this is gonna be tough to confirm. anyone who posts a screenshot gets a big virtual hug from me!


Lv22 Dioraja :point_down: I played on my new Galaxy Tab S4, no idea how to screenshot :joy::joy::joy:


i’ve only faced it once. this is a level 21 before the update


Let me see if this is right.

Swap in and use Distracting Impact giving 2.25 damage
Receive 50% less damage in return
Give counter-attack Damage of 1.50
Give 1.50 damage for Shield Attack
Receive 75% less damage in return
Give Counter-attack damage of 1.50


yup. BAMF.
actually worth making. had to be the worst unique before.