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Dioraja missing

Did anyone see a dioraja on the map, i did not see one on my walk

I’ve seen quite a few, just darted one but it was definitely the least populated one on the map


I see, at least now i know that it is out there. Thanks :slight_smile:

New policy, I guess. Since 5 or 6 weeks every day the best item is scarse. Epic strike, boost strike, now Dioraja. It’s offered in the schedule to make us want it, to make us greedy, or even angry… because eventually it’s almost unavailable - other than in store. Well, I refuse to let Ludia play with me. And I don’t care anymore. I’m done.


How much dna did you get? I’m thinking of darting it

I just found one near my home and got 145

I did find one. I thi k it’s today’s low odds creature, I saw five crocs and 7 Diloras before finding it.

And happy about it! Got 172 DNA.

What level are you? I’m level 17 and I have 10 dna for it I also have vip I need to get 240 to unlock it,do you think it’s possible?

I have seen several of them.

I think you can, just depends how close you are to it and how well you dart. I darted diloracheirus, it was quite far away, but within my circle, and I got over 100, so I unlocked it. But I’m level 20, non VIP

I am level 20 but I only got 2 direct hits. If i remember correctly you get 18 DNA for 1 direct hit and you can fire up to 15 darts which would give you a maximum of 270 DNA so yes, there is a small chance you can unlock it.

I’ve seen 3 out of 8 total spawns, so it’s definitely out there. RNG always feels streaky.

I found one and got 148. Was pleased because I needed 140 to lvl up.

I dart pretty well and I plan to get full range of it hopefully I can unlock it

I got 160 from it

They’re all I see.