Dioraja or Tuoramoloch?

Now I am in the position I can start fusing the two metioned dinos in the topic, but I’m not sure for which I should go first. In older threads, everybody says Dioraja, but they were before the 1.5 Update. So, any suggestions? Did anything changed?

I have tuoramoloch and she’s pretty useless I’m afraid to say :frowning: they gave her more damage but took away rampage.

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I dont have both,I think Dioraja more powerful than Tuora.hope soon fuse and have both. :thinking::grin:

I don’t have either of said Dino’s but I see a lot of peeps in the top 100s using dioraja.

Both dioraja and touramoloch need buff, dioraja is a little bit better than tuoramoloch, but still easily countered by numerous dinosaurs.

I have Touramoloch personally and now about to unlock Diorajasaurus.

Touramoloch is a really underrated dinosaur. Granted, she is not the best unique by any means, but having 3750ish health at level 21, at least 1200 damage per turn, slowing impact, superiority strike, Stunning Impact and Impact and Run, she is a monster in the right hands and in the right team.

Funnily enough, she seems to fare really good against the so called “better” Utarinex. Tbh I will always prefer Touramoloch for the simple fact she has three big moves instead of the troll move instant charge. But that is me.

Also it is worth noting that these two have so good synergy. So using the two as a duo is a force to behold. But as a standalone dino unlocking Diorajasaurus is probably better.

Dioraja Is a bit better than tuora, but they are both pretty bad btw.

Dioraja gave me a lot matchs vs stegodeus and tragodistis whit his new shatering counter attack, and doing good vs squishy and fast dinos like dilonacheirus, monomimus, elridominus etc
Meanwhile tuoramoloch, well i have it unlocked at 21 but look bad and no way i kick any of my dinos for him xd

Obviously dioraja Is good, but compared to others uniques like tryko or indo for example its pretty underwhelming.