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Dioraja question/suggestion

So I was contemplating which creature to work towards next, and was considering Dioraja, but after looking over its stats, I feel like it is lacking. Why is its Health so low compared to its components? Rajakylo has 4350 hp at level 26 and tuojiango has 4500 hp at 26. Dioraja only has 3900 hp at 26. Can we give it a health boost? Making it 4100-4200 wouldn’t be unreasonable. And for a unique, it’s moveset is underwhelming. Can we make short defense into long protection? It needs a little UMPH if you know what I mean. Make it desirable without being over powered.


it used to be 4200 pre 1.5, since it received defense shattering counter they nerfed it.

Giving it dss counter was needed. It also needs the health back. I want to want this thing. But that health is gross.


i want to want it too thats why mine is on my team at lvl 24 lol. tryko is the better option if you are close.

It has low HP, low attack, low speed and no 2x move. A little health boast seems perfectly reasonable to me. Im already working towards it but I wouldnt say with urgency


yeah im all for more hp. its a good dino though. its apex for a reason.

That’s why i said make short defense into long protection. I highly doubt they’d make distracting impact into distracting rampage, so changing short defense to long protection was the only other thing I could think to do to improve the moveset


Impact to rampage would probably be a bit much considering it has ferocious SIA. LP does not seem unreasonable and does not change it’s role or use much either.

I wish its ferocity lasted longer, and could be activated again after the swap in…

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If only they would give her ferocity strike as the basic move

It deserves long invincibility haha.
Hp at 4500 is about right, a basic vulnerability strike would be awesome. 110 spd would also be great too.

I think that dioraja should get long protection (rajakylo has it, dioraja has no reason for not having it, also rajakylo should get its health reverted to 1.4) and a slight health buff, the main reason is that requires ankylo DNA to make, which could go to tryko instead (and we all know how much better tryko is).
Remember though it has dsc and swap in ferocity, so buffing it too much would make him completely OP, probably more than tryko.

Is this DINO still playable?

Anyone see this or use in the arenas?

How do it perform?

My L26 does well when used properly. Always on the team. It would do better if it actually worked as it should, too… so, hoping they fix that soon.

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Not very playable. Very few top players use it. it just dies too quickly and its moveset is weak.


First point:
Guys…Dioraja needs, more speed 118-120, why? thora have speed 109 their components have 104-106, so low, 104+106… thora should have 105 speed… so it is not necessary to follow the pattern of its components… Apart … tryostronix is a legendary that almost all players have, so if dioraja has -124, it is easy prey, and at speed should have a vote of the entire community…
Second point:
Diorama has 2 turns of chain…Dioraja has 2 turns of chaining, so if it is not changed fast it dies easily, Dioraja should have long protection … more life and more damage, that small plus damage does not make much difference if it only lasts 2 turns…If you stun the dioraja … it dies without counterattacking … I also think that it should have a bit more% critic … her rajakylo component has 60% with the critical attack, the same should be with utarinex, she only has 5% and utahsino has 45% … Make Dioraja great AGAIN! Make Dioraja great AGAIN! Make Dioraja great AGAIN! Make Dioraja great AGAIN! Make Dioraja great AGAIN!

Look at the rarity of its components. epic…epic…rare. Ludia says they make uniques better when they have better components. This thing should be great. but its probably the second worst unique.


Thanks for explanation.

I will pass this for this week then.

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In one article Metahub suggested some buffs for it, like 20% HP boost. Also, like many people here said, it should have long protection instead. Other idea that I saw was to give it swap in ready to crush, and I thought it was pretty interesting. I don’t think it’d be too OP and the increased crit chance with ferocious would be an upgrade from just the prolonget crit from it’s parent. What do you guys think?