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Diorajasaur - a far cry from 30% crit?

Hello everyone who uses diorajasaur.
Im curious to hear how much of the time your dio gets a critical hit.
I use mine as much as i can, and im a far cry from getting 30% crit hits.
I asked my alliance, they feel the same way.

Is it possible its bugged?


I agree. He seems to crit just like he did before. Tryko with his 20% gets way more crits, not to mention his old 30% version.
It must be a bug, too many people complain about that, including me

Just sounds like bad luck to me. I used mine for only a handful of battles, and it crit about as often as my Trykosaurus would. But that’s just me.


Mine crits constantly, which is crazy for me since my dinos usually can’t crit to save their lives.

@Galahad. Crit seems to be very often, especially with the counter-attack.

mine isn’t constant, but i does feel like 30ish percent. i see it more when i face erlidoms. they crit like crazy now and i’ll get 1-2

Actually @Ned wanted to ask…when did dioraj get a revenge counter attack

you mean raking right?
i think they just upgraded it from precise shattering to raking this update.

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Nope revenge counter attack

it doesn’t. what kind of bug did you experience?

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Lol weird one I don’t have the photo but after I someone killed my draco with a snake I swapped into dioraj, and when it got hit it said revenge counter attack and did 1.5k damage on the counter and I was just like


It crits more than usual for me, but it doesn’t feel like 30%… more like 20… But I’m not a good example, cause I’ve always had bad luck with crits…

My fighters almost never crit. It does happen, even with my Diorajasaur, but in most fights I don’t get any crits, so I think I can say that my Diorajasaur doesn’t crit any less than anything else.

Still a bit bugged by the counter-attack nerf he took.

Actually, I had that too! I completely forgot about it, and I’ve stopped using Dio so I haven’t had it happen again.


I think I saw the “revenge counter attack” text too the first time Dio countered, so I wonder if that was the original/default text and got changed later? If I recall correctly it was just the first time and not since.

Seems repaired now. My Dio crits like 1.14 Tryko. Probably the minor update repaired it

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I am not sure about Dio I get crits out quite a bit. Erlidom on the other hand, I have been counting. 18 battles without a crit for 40%!!! Average 2-3 hits a battle with it… this one annoys me as it is always the magna surviving by 100 HP in which the crit would kill it… Lol

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Indy g2 never gets Ceuta with its 20% chance and neither did spinotasuchus when it had one. It is kinda bugged. I feel like they have a higher crit chance than most Dino’s but I feel like they involve bite sizes. It feels as if a spino and Rex were to have same crit chance the Rex would get more cuz if it’s jaw. It could just be a bug tho.

You can’t really call bad luck a bug. If there really was a problem there’d probably be way more complaints. In any case, I don’t think this game has ever had an RNG problem in the past, so that they have one now doesn’t seem likely.

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Nobody here is asking how the heck did Dioraja get 30% crit chance? For me it seems overkill with the crit buff on Dio.
Buff the attack to 1200? Okay.
Buff the crit chance from 5% to 30%? Why, its not needed.