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Diorajasaur - a far cry from 30% crit?

Rajasaurus’ whole thing was critical hits, and it’s the same with Rajakylosaurus, so it isn’t surprising at all. In fact, they’re the only creatures in the game that rely on crits that much.

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I guess but Rajakylosaurus has 5% chance. He doesnt rely on crits to do damage, he relys on shields.

Which I would argue is both unfair and doesn’t make sense.

No other creature apart from Rajasaurus and Rajakylosaurus had the move Extended Critical Strike (Argentinosaurus had it too, but it did have multiplier moves). They did rely on it to do damage, because neither of them had any multiplier moves.

While Rajakylo’s moveset has changed now, Ludia has been known to keep abilities and stats in hybrids that their ingredients lost at some point.

Like how Tragodistis had 124 speed, because at one point Parasaurolophus had 128 speed (unfortunately they’ve nerfed Trago’s speed now) or how Quetzorion has Evasion abilities, since Pteraquetzal used to have Swap-in Dodge. There’s probably more examples too.


In this case it must have been a bug. It wasn’t only my Dio, my opponents’ too and it seems other forum users had that issue too. Suddendly after 2.0.40 update everything became right.