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Diorajasaur bug


When dio has a shield up and counters it breaks the Dino’s own shield as well.


hmm. ive never noticed it.


It’s never happened to me :thinking:


Just look at some YouTube videos and you can see. For example dio vs dio. I use instant invincibility and the other dio uses shield. They hit me With zero damage because I have instant up. I counter and break my shield and theirs.


instant only lasts 1 turn.

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Yea, like @Pateradactyl said lol

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I was just using that as an example. It doesn’t matter which shield you have up. It breaks them either way


I dunno what to tell you, then. I have Dio on my team and it has never happened with SD.


I just checked my own YT vids, but I don’t have enough up yet… no instances of my or an opp’s Dio.
Would like to see, though. Screenshot/record it next time it happens to you.


Will do. Thanks for replying

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