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Diorajasaur in battle


Diorajasaur is my favourite dino, and thats why I chose it in the event. To many it may seem like a bad unique, and yes, it wouldn’t hurt with a 300 health boost and a 100 attack boost, but the diorajasaur is pretty good when used correctly in battle! I like to think that all of it’s moves are there for a special reason. And here I’m going to explain some simple but usefull diorajasaur battle tips! Keep in mind that Dio works best with a working team rather than standing all alone without any friends!

PIN TO WIN! A nice trick with an almost guaranteed lead: This, sadly, is a bit of RNG (like most things in this game…) So if you have Dracoceratops or dracorex, this will work. Just start the battle with Dio and use pinning strike. The opponent will attack back and get you to a Dracoceratops swap in kill health level. But since the opponent is pinnes and damage from your attacks you can swap in your dracoceratops without a worry of losing your pray!

A dirty play, but thats the way this game is now…

INDOMINUS COUNTER. This is just a tip of what to do in an Indominus situation. Just go for distraction and do damage and hopefully hit indom or damage it. Then just counter it’s attacks with instant invincebility. And chomp Indom witha final counter. Works on death turkey to!

And for my final tip:
This to is based on a team placement factor… If you have an impact and run creature that swaps in to Dio, then thats your lucky day! Just finish the opponents creature with a swap attack and without taking damage, you now have a battle ready Dio with extra damage and full health!

Thats some of my tips, now, maybe this is all jibberish… but it does work for me! And if you have more tips on how to use Dio then please show them to me! All I have left to say is: Dio is good, if your team structure is good.

Fun fact (not really)
When Dio has ferocious damage boost, I say hes in sicko mode! Sicko mode spikechomper!


It seems okay to you because the arena level you are in is not high. Once you get to higher arenas you will find diorajasaur becoming a liability rather than an asset. I’ve used dio a long time ago and after Thor’s T1 damage took it out, I benched her.

It’s too frail for a tank. If you look at trago with similar hp, trago has 124 spd and LI instead of 108 spd and short defense. Although dioraja has full counter, but most of the time it doesn’t even have a chance to perform its counter.


I don’t use it and in top 500 i almost never see it anymore and i agree with @guarou, it seems too frail for a tank despite her moveset seems pretty good and not “ordinary” for a tank (i think she’s the only pure tank that distract). I would see it well with a stat buff obviously, like all community say 2/300 more health and 100/200 more damage, for example the classic 4200 health and 1000 damage. But most of all i would exchange swap in ferocity with a swap in defence. This change to me would fit in well with her moveset amd with her purpose: a swap in counter-attacker tank.


diorajasaur is very weak, something that would help diorajasaur in combat is an increase in health, all counter-attack dinos have very little life, low damage and little speed. They are very weak to the destructors defense, the distractors, the bleeders and the stunners, I would dare to say that the counter attack dinos in general need a buff especially the super hybrids that have me very disappointed (megalosushus, diorajasaur, gripolith and touramoloch ) trikosaurus is equal to diorajasaur but better in everything


What is funny is a lot of really fat armored herbyvores have 20-30% armor,good Hp and atack stats+ stun moves wich totally disable counter atack passive wich is is main source of damage, 1.5 and 2x damage moves,+ low, medium counter atack
and also 110+ speed and counter atack Dinos don’t have armor,bad hp,bad atack stats, horrible speed, max 1.5x damage moves… They need theets
Purrolyth is the one with the best kit but again horrible speed and hp

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I think they have been too careful with all counter-attack creatures. The ability to damage twice in a turn make them hesitate to give them good stat.

But since they already created SI : DSR, I don’t see why they can’t buff all the counter attack dinos.


When your oponent and you has low health but they are quicker so thinks he going to kill you off so you switch to dio and get the counter off to finish them off

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This is the only niche use counter attackers have, but now even this niche use is easily replaced by DC and DG2. Since most counter attackers dies after this ‘sneaky attack’ anyway, why not use DC and DG2 that do far more damage?


I use dc i don’t like dioraja myself i was just stating another use for him if you got him and not dc or dg2 drawn


For me the thing is clear despite having it in my team currently. It is a badly designed dino that is not useful in almost any situation

  1. IF used as output dino, it has very little, negligible strength to be a unique. At level 26 it has only 900 damage. To compare a simple diloracherius has 1450 or a trykosauro 1600. It makes no sense that if we compare dosuniques very difficult to get (dio and triko) the second have more health, almost double the damage and six times more critical option.

  2. When it is used as an exchange dino, its hit increases by 50% but even with that 50% more it has less blow than a dilo or a tryko and has also received a blow and since it is so weak in health and is slower than Almost all of us, will usually die to the next blow.

In my case it is only useful to do a small damage of 1450 from the exit kickback (if there is no stunner) and save a valuable dino, but in 80% of the occasions the Dio is unable to take a single hit.

As a curiosity, in the opening article we talk about what is good against the Indominus and possibly this is the case, the problem is that when I got the Dio I was already in a sand so high that nobody uses indominus :slight_smile:

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yup… you have a full health extra damage dioraj, pinned and sitting like a duck for the next dino. its a great dino but i benched it at 24 untill a buff.


Just use thor and skip the other epics. It crits every hit. One shot your opponents and win in 3 easy attacks.


You are trying to compare two incredibly busted dinosaurs (Diloracheirus and Trykosaurus) to an unique that is close to being balanced, only needing some stat buffs.

Both Diloracheirus and Trykosaurus have a power-level that doesn’t belong in the game. They need toning down, not everything else buffed to their level.

There are a bunch of I-Rex even up in the Aviary. There are even players running lvl 30 of that thing.

Also, it can chop up a Trykosaurus on even levels, so it’s cleary not badly designed… It just lacks some hp and maybe some damage.


Both dioraja and grypo need to be faster. Tryko’s components spiky potato and Rexy has 115 spd and 102 spd, so tryko gets its 108 spd. Dioraja’s components rajakylo and tuojiang has 104 spd and 120 spd and grypo’s components gryposuchus and purro has 116 spd and 105 spd, so I’d say dio and grypo should be faster.


if you make them faster,then you are going to unbalance more some other dinosaurs which just have the ability to be faster than them.
Ludia just can’t modify their stats easily without screwing others species.


Please don’t hate on my 2 favourite uniqies i think tryko and dilorach is perfect haha

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I can get behind that. I do believe in-between stats are balanced and that is why Trykosaurus needs to lose some crits and armor.


They are a disaster from balancing perspective.

I love Trykosaurus as well, but it does not take rocket science knowledge to realise it has way too high power level compared to anything else in the game, safe from Erlidominus and Diloracheirus which are also abominations.

Their kits are fine, the stats however need to change (or in Diloracheirus’ case keep the stats but change superiority strike to speed-up strike).

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I don’t think much of erlidom but yh tryko and dilorach are realy strong dinos but not unbeatable with right counters

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Being overpowered doesn’t mean it can’t be taken out. It’s more of a problem that both of them genociding entire classes and groups of creatures out of the meta.