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Diorajasaur needs love!


I’m a big fan of the diorajasaur, It’s actually my favourite dino in the game. And maybe thats the reason I’m making this idea… I mean, the design, the awsome animations, It’s all deserving of some more power! Why wouldn’t a big spikey rajasaur with a tailclub and armored spikes be strong?
Okay, so this is a reimagined version of It’s stats and attacks. And I’m not making it grossly overpowered, cause that wouldn’t be very fun now would it? Stares at dracoceratops
Anyway, heres what I think:

Attack increased from 706 to 807 this may look extreme, but keep in mind that tryko has 1254 plus a 0,50 counter.

Health increases from 3056 to 3356 this, also compared to Tryko, is not to much. I know tryko is harder to obtain, but Tryko still has 3526 health.

Speed increased from 108 to 109. This can give it a bit more speed advanteges in battle, but it’s not that much.

Pinning strike becomes defence shattering strike, or just keep the pinning since dio has the shattering counter.

Change critical chance from 5% to 20% honestly I don’t get why the did not do this from the start. Both rajasaur and rajankylosaurus has 20% crit.

Sooo that was my ideas. For me, it kinda looks more like a unique now! But of course, I could be very wrong, whats your thoughts on this? :smile::t_rex:

BTW getting dio in the st. Patrick’s day event!

Diorajasaur needs some love!


I’m a big fan of diorajasaur, It’s acually my favourite dino in the game. And thats the reason I made this re-imagined movset. As a unique, I think it’s needs a bit more power… I mean, why wouldn’t a big rajasaur with a tailclub and armored spike be strong?
Heres the list of my buff idea. And BTW I’m not making it grossly powerfull. That wouldn’t be fun now would it… stares at dracoceratops Anyway, heres the list!

Increase attack from 706 to 806. I know this sounds extreme but Tryko has 1256 damage plus a 0,50 counter!

Increase health from 3056 to 3356. Again, I’m compairing it to Tryko who has 3526 health. I know tryko is harder to obtain, but tryko is till more powerful than the new dio.

Pinning strike becomes defence shattering strike, or just keep the pin since it has defence shattering counter.

Increase critical chance from 5% to 20%. Honestly I don’t know why they didn’t give dio 20% from the beginning. Both raja and rajankylo has 20% so why not dio?

Anyway, thats just my opinions. In my eyes dio look more like a unique now! But I can of course be wrong! What are your thoughts on this? :smile::t_rex:

BTW, getting diorajasaur from st. Patricks day event! (Yes I don’t have it)


Plus it looks amazing as baby Godzilla stomps into battle.


I would get it as it’s my third favorite dinosaur in-game, but I’ll go after Erlidomimus since it’ll most likely be easier to dart (I’m a bad darter). I wouldn’t mind a buff for Godzilla tho :smiley:


I hope they listen to you @Marktheshark.

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I think Pinning Strike is still good on Dioraja, it counters the swap meta very well. The main concern is that for a Dino that’s intended to be pounded on doesn’t have enough health to take that beating long enough. I think Dioraja would be justified losing its SIA Ferocity in exchange for higher base damage, too


I’d say all but the speed increase I can go with. Seems reasonable

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26 LVL Diorajasaur : 4200 Health (3900)
1000 Damage (900)
109 Speed (108)
30% Defence (30%)
5% Critical (5%)





I think the above will be a perfect upgrade for dioraj… I rather have the extended critical than swap in ferocious…


I like this too. Only issue is the increased speed. If you make it faster it will no longer counter DC. But on the other hand at 109 it will be able to hang with Thor and tenont


Also considering the swap in ferocious has never lasted as long as it is supposed to…

Another thing that has happened 2 or 3 times to me now is this - I swap to dioraja the same time my opponent swaps to draco. Draco hits my dioraja, which then hits it back with its counter strike, THEN the swap in ferocity gets deployed… kind of a rip-off there.

Mine is L26 and always on the team. If I didn’t want to level up my tryko so much (need another good counter attacker) I would totally go for it this weekend, but, tryko wins this time. Although, maybe I could use up 2 tries on it… dunno.

Also, love the idea of swap in long protection…


I am aware of the problem with DC.But i believe in 1.7 DC will be changed and therefore there will be no problem for Dio,and he will be able to concentrate to the fight with other Uniques.

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Right now i don’t even remember one battle that i used more than 2 skills of Dio before dies.

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This uniques lack of power has always bothered me… the fact that its base legendary takes two epics to create means by ludias own rarity of components affects power level standards this thing should be good. But so many uniques that take one epic are far stronger… both sinos, green chicken, indo

While in reality it should be right there with erlidom… slightly below tryko…


I tried reporting the issue of the swap ins as a bug, but as was pointed out, since Draco is faster, his SI occurs first, (Dio counters), and THEN Dio’s SI ability activates.

I don’t like it either, but it does at least make some sense.


Actually @Idgt902 it would still counter DC since Regen is a Priority move meaning Pining Strike would still go after it

EDIT: I didn’t take into account the Acute Stun factor

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This seems like a dece kit, but being honest I think Dioraja would be justified getting 4680 health at 26 (granted that it doesn’t get long protection)


Pretty much every counter atack Dino needs love not only dioraja but all of then


Diorja doesn’t particularly lack power. His two turn damage is very high with counter. The problem is how often he is stunned or distracted or even stuns his opponent and doesn’t use counter.