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Diorajasaur or Tuoramoloch?

I don’t know if this is an obvious one or not, but I also don’t know which one to use my tuojiangosaurus dna on. Which one is better, they seem to be really close to each other on the tier list. It would be great if I had some feedback. Thanks!!!

I have both and both are weak and I think on similar power lvl. Tuora can stun, slow down and has SS, while Dioraja has shield, SIF, distracting and armor. Both have counter attack, but Dioraja has more power and DS.

If I had to choose I‘d rather go for Dioraja. I think she‘s more versatile and a bit better. Also, she looks awesome. But she‘s also a situational dinosaur.

Hopefully, they both will get a buff soon. :slight_smile:

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Could u explain why? Never used her and whenever I met her, I usually took her out pretty fast. Dioraja‘s SIF and DSCounterattack can atleast finish a battle.
I‘m just interested, would love to know how to use her properly if I should‘ve underestimated her. :hugs:

Can’t speak for touramoloch but dioraja was pretty disappointing. Only useful in acute situations and never outlives her lockdown.

Neither … :man_shrugging:t4:


What is your current team and which dinosaurs are causing you trouble?

Both Touramoloch and Diorajasaurus are niche dinosaurs and they are best used to support a team around them, rather than trying to squeeze them into a comp they don’t belong into.

I like Tuora for it being a good starter, versatile, can take a punch and get out of town when poisoned. When the opponent brings out Draco, bring out a crusher warm up killing the rat and putting a nice hurt on what comes out next.

Haven’t played Diora, but can’t see using Tryke ingredients for anything else.

I’ll probably switch her out in a month or two.

Both are kinda bad though tuora can counter dilocherus if the dilo don’t use ss. Which it will if it has faced a tuora before so neither!? Lol

I have both, and used Tuora for some time. Now I bench both since both do not have large damage output, especially Dio. However, I will still level Tuora up, hoping that it will be buffed later. Dio share Anky DNA with Tryko. I don’t have Tryko now, but working on it, so my Dio is staying at 21.
Actually both have nice movesets, but I think Dio deserves to get Distracting Rampage or Extended Critical Chance like Rajakyn. Dio easily dies quickly as there are chompers everywhere now. That’s why I bench 2 uniques when I have 4 now.

I’d really look into Apatosaurus. Highest health in the game. Lydia’s best kept secret


I still can’t tell if this nerf apato stuff is real or not?

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Touramoloch,it’s cheaper

The answer is easy. Now none is useful in elevated sands. Save the valuable and scarce DNA of Tuajingo until the next version. I hope that the two will be buffed and, then, you can choose the one that best suits your team.

If you need to improve your equipment without being able to wait, the idea is:

Tuora is a good game starter if you do not have better ones (spinotasuchus, tragodistis, erlidominus, …).

Dio has very little use but it can be useful if you have no other better exchange dino (dracoceratops, dracorex gen 2, …)

Diorajasaur FTW!!! Always b/c Touo just sucks and can easily be killed by Diorajasaur’s counters (if you know how to use him properly that is) lol

It’s on all the top leader board teams atm… So not really a noob cheapshot…

Diorajasaur AND Rajakylosaurus both do too do huge amounts of damage outputs especially if you use shield first, distracting impact [for Diorajasaur] and/or Critical Chance up…the yellow attack I can’t think of its name at the moment [Rajakylosaurus] then choose pinning strike (especially pinning strike idk why but it takes more health out of Indominus Rex’s health then any other attack…well except for maybe their passive counters lol!!) and save the instant priority invincibility shield for extreme emergencies like when the dino is very close to dying or you know it won’t survive another attack, that way you could just a bit more damage against the enemy dino your facing before having to choose another dino to finish them off with.

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Yeah and that should be telling you something right there!! Red flag red flag!! It takes no skill to use period just gives a quick easy excuse to cheat a win out of the other player and turn a “friendly” battle into an “unfriendly, no fun, why am I even battling this person in the first place when they just want to use those dinos to cheat there way to the top of the leaderboard and now that they can’t reach any higher, they certainly don’t want to get knocked back down off their high perches at the top of the leaderboard so why would they have any reason to stop abusively using those dinos to help themselves stay on top above the rest of us that acually like to play fair and not cheat our way to the top “just for bragging rights” like somehow cheating makes you cool or hip or part of the in-crowd or something. Plus then be rewarded by Ludia for spam using those cheat dinos by getting all the major top prizes at the end of every tournament when the didn’t put in any real hard effort or use any fair strategic planning with figuring out which dinos would best fit their current situation me at any given time as they were making their way up the arena levels like the rest of us do. Not to mention that’s why ALOTA of ppl on the forums who complain and make really good points to the fact that theirs no more variety or variations, or different dinosaurs that everybody faces off against in the arena levels once you get to Ruins or Lockwood Estate and especially in Aviary m OMG it’s just the SAME OVERUSED TO DEATH DINOSAURS, day in and day out, 24/7 the same 8 dinos that face off against that everybody constantly uses with the hopes The it will help propel them higher in the arena making it to Aviary and into the Top 500 leaderboard list. Now there are granted (and thank god for these kinds of ppl) that actually try to break his viscious cycle of repetitive use of the same dinos by using some of the newly created dinos or some of their personal favorites that they used either early on down in the first several levels of arena or maybe the midway point in arena. Ones that really spoke to them personally that they just instantly fell in love with and can’t help but want to level those dinos up to max lvl 30. Granted I love whenever I run into these kinds of ppl b/c they actually remind me why I fell in love with this game in the first place and that some ppl like to show that they can and are willing to prove that working hard to earn your higher rank is so much more gratifying and satisfying to feel like you actually accomplished a goal without having to resort to cheating and feeling empty inside and not be able to justifiably sound convincing if you try to say yes I absolutely reached this rank/ level or whatever legitimately because those words will sound hollow and shallow and ppl can easily recognize & pick them out of a crowd b/c they wouldn’t have that glow about them like they would if they didn’t cheat to win. Damn it I’m rambling again, crap!!! Lol

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