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Diorajasaur or Tuoramoloch?

I know, right? So it is just a joke…?

Keep Tujango DNA



Lmao 101010

Lol what a noob point of view dioraj and tuora don’t do massive dmg when every creature used at high lvl 2 shots them or 1 shot with a critical, whining about Dino’s that work rather than rng cheese. Look if you wanna lose more than you win choose whatever Dino’s you want but don’t offend people for using what works. Hate the game not the players! Also sounds like you want everyone to power up rares so you have an advantage fighting them ROFL what a joker. There are actually cheats in this game and they break into server to generate limitless resource or spoof all day, using effective Dino’s is called intelligence!

Here’s my team does the sight of it trigger you lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Do you seriously see a dio or tuora lasting more than 1-2 hits against any of these high performance creatures??

I wouldn’t do any until we see who they buff first to be relevant again

Don’t waste the gold on either. Touramoloch is level 26 max+ dna, still never worth a spot on the team

If your team has dracocera, definitely tuora. It just has more flexibility and can win some starting matches.

Do you not know how to read somebody else post properly?? I never said Toura did a lot of damage output. Here reread what I posted one more time please & then tell me again how I mentioned Toura did too do a lot of damage?

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Here I even brought slides further proving my point in arena against Toura! Enjoy! : )

image image

And here is further proof that the other counter dino work well in arena thus giving u a surprising win. A

image image image prime example coming from Grypolyth & the stuff with Trykosaurus showing the sweet sight of a crushed “Rat dino!” ; )

@Hersh !!! Take it back

Anyhoooo, here’s my opinion on the matter.


:raised_hands: :heart:

I said Toura and dioraj don’t do high dmg lol who can’t read here? You seem triggered man don’t let the bots using Draco get to you!

I’m sorry about before @Beast. Really I am and your advice is helpful so thank you. I guess the real reason why I was so “triggered” was for the simple fact that when they first introduced Dracoceratops to all of us, I had finally found a really cool dinosaur that instantly become my # 1 newest favorite hybrid dino that I used religiously. But when they ruined my absolute love for him by tacking on that swap in rampage move and completely bastardized Dracoceratops by tacking on that swap in rampage attack. This turning it into a Dracorex (cheapshotter jr.) which just killed any love & any plans to take it to lvl 30 before anything else. So again I truly am sorry @Beast!! : ) [oh and as a side note it really WASN’T my intention to send this 15 days later I just got really overwhelmed from work and home drama irl is all. And I never was fully given enough time to send this sooner like I would’ve much preferred.]

With 1.7 on the way this thread should be revisted as things have changed… while before a good argument could be made for toura…post 1.7 i think Dio is the clear answer here.


Right, I almost assume that Dio goes from Apex 3 (unique junk) to Tyrant, turned into a Tryko 2. The Touramoloc, at best, will go from Apex 3 to Apex 2, in my opinion.


I dunno if Dio goes to tyrant… might be high apex 1… its doesnt have a rampage so relies more on its counter attacks then tryko. Stuff like indo… which dio should eat with its counter hitting through evasive is still a match up where the dio player still needs to guess correctly the moves the indo player is using.

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Well with the precise shattering counter and SS unless against magna this beast will own most so i wrekon it will be tyrant. Also add ferious strike thats an extra 50%.

So work it out. If your against green chicken, he starts eith DS and you start with feriouse strike or SS so you have the mind game straight away. After the stun he will take some damage due to ID or invinc. Unless draco or tryk is swapped in hes gonna struggle.

All armoures tanks are brought to nothing and even monostego has a tough battle.

1 on 1 vs tryk you have a mind game and half vs him between FS, ID and SS. Tryk does have the advantage but with the counter you have a chance. Erlidom and Irex lose most of the time and rinex again has a struggle because of FS which adds 50% of your halfed attack from his DI.

Magna still has to face 500 from counter from 1st move and then a FS. If DIo survives attack 2 he faces even more damage. Only dracoC swap in skips all that

So dio is now very strong


Well I did say uppper apex putting it directly at a point slightly weaker then the 5 tyrants.