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Diorajasaur SIA not accurate


Bug Description: Swap in Ferocity: Increase damage 50% for 2 turns after swapping in. Unable to swap for 2 turns.

This isn’t what occurs. Ferocity lasts for the counter when Dio is swapped in, the attack and counter-attack of the next round, and then dissipates. If this “counts” as two rounds, fine (I would disagree but digress). The next round, however, you are still unable to swap out as you are still locked down for another round.

Area is was found in: Strike event and battle

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Start a battle w/any dino but Dio
Step 2 - Swap to Dio (let’s count this as round 1), he buffs ferocious and counter attacks.
Step 3- Round 2: you and opponent exchange blows, still buffed
Step 4- Round 3 begins, ferocius buff wears off, however you are still unable to swap.

How often does it happen: Every time. This amounts to either a 2 round buff and 3 round lockdown, or a 1 round buff and two round lockdown, depending on how you view the round involving the swap in.

What type of device are you using: Android

Anything else?

Counting the Sino’s strike as round 1, you see the buff thru the GSI of round two. The next round, Anky is counter-attacked for 817 damage, which is 1x base damage for my lvl 24 Dio, showing that it’s not just an animation bug.


Just tested this again after the update @Ned and it still occurs. It’s like the ferocity activates on the current round (so that it counts in the counter attack) but the lockdown animation doesn’t happen until the beginning of the next round (after the counter).


Hey Somedinoguy, I’ve watched the video, and it seems like Diorajasaur’s Swap In Ferocity is working correctly. Since there is not a way to manually swap again the turn you swapped in, the bound effect would have had to take place the following turn. The turn Diorajasaur used Short Defense would have been turn 1, and the turn Diorajasaur used Distracting Impact would have been the end of turn 2, removing the bound effect.


Ok, so if we’re saying the DI is round 2, why then did the ferocity wear off then in round 1?


Our support team would be happy to take a look at this and investigate further. If you hadn’t already reached out to our support team, could you email our team here at along with those details and your support key? Thanks, @Somedinoguy!


Thanks @Ned, I’ll do it when I get home but is the video not enough? Just curious as I’m sure this is not limited to just me