Diplo dna! πŸ¦•


I must have missed this dino all together. Have not heard of it.

Congrats! :slight_smile:

I want it!!!

Could you make a screenshot to see it, please?

Strike event reward or incubator? Pretty obvious that you didn’t dart it.

Its not unlocked yet, they only had 20 something dna for it.

I want to see this

Please search diplodocus in the Forum and watch what happened to me

from the 5 step common.

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Thanks!! It’s cool!

Looks realy cool.

Looks like all the other longnecks. I do wonder what its toolkit looks like though.

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That health is monstrous. More health and damage than Brachi at the cost of speed/armor/crit.

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I got some today as well! Excited to get more and e able to create it!

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