Diplo strike

C’mon @Ludia_Developers I can turn my camera 360° and I see ZERO Diplo strikes… Zero! So how is this supposed to work with stay at home orders?! Same crap happened Wednesday with that epic strike!

i cant see it either, but no one had posted about it so i assumed maybe it was just me

Me neither unfortunately.

I dont see anything but s diplo strike over there

No Duplo Strike here
Even after several restarts

500 of Diplodocus DNA? Wasn’t it 200 before?

forgive me if i’m wrong

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None visible from my place either, and not one single strike either in my circle. So, very, very easy day for me! Staying home and nothing to do other than using Giga Scent.

Guess I have to go for a walk. Ludia decided to put the Epic strike a decent distance from my house, and there’s no Paramoloch drops anywhere I can see.

I only see one out of 25-30 drops. Out of range of course

Dang forgot about Para too… None visible either…

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Zero here as well.

I had one spawn on top of my house. Unfortunately, I lost because my Erlidom was one shot through cloak with a decel rampage. I wasn’t happy. But, if I’m being fair here, I am actually still underleveled for the master level strikes. I don’t normally have that much trouble, though. So I did get a lot angrier than I probably should have.

i see one off in the distance, but that requires to go out.

Got it next to me. At least that’s a highlight of this week for me, because I could not reach the attack boost.

OMG @Ludia_Developers you suck! A Diplo strike popped up just outside of my range, but I can go to the edge of my backyard to reach it. Before I could do that, it’s now a dang Paramaloch…

Congrats on making people go outside to get the diplo tower Ludia. Real safe

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