Diplocaulus flood


I’m using scent capsules and 80% creatures which are appearing are Diplocaulus. They are everywhere. Driving around the city with my boyfriend Diplocaulus are popping up constantly. Few weeks ago, Iguanodons was the “problem”, now it’s this green useless lizzard. It would be nice, that there would be more different dinos, not these same all over the places.


L2 has been overrun by Einio since the update. I barely even use scent capsules there anymore unless I’m just sitting at home burning them before i get more.




I have the same complaint. The only difference is the dinosaur. In my case it’s majungasaurus, not einiosaurus or diplocaulus. I don’t understand it. Is the game really able to attract new players when they are only able to have one dinosaur?


All I get in Z3 is diplocaulus. I worked it out over the last week or so. If I use a scent inget 5 diplocaulus and 2 or 3 others. It’s a bit much really. I wish scents ignored zone and just brought in anything regardless of zone.


It really is ridiculous


I live and work in L4, my sister in another city 2 hrs from me lives in a L4; all I ever see are Suchomimus.


Since the update the variety of dinos has massively decreased. With 1.4 at least there was a choice of what to dart. Now it is the same thing everyday which gets a tad tedious