Diplocaulus Gen 2 Level 30 Stats

Does anyone have stats for diplocaulus gen 2 at lvl 30? I can’t find them on metahub or Wiki page of JWA. :thinking:

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Is it an Android app or what? Please tell me how to get access to this.

There’s an app with all the dinos and you can choose the lvl and see stats and skills on the play store :wink: I don’t know if I allowed to tell the name but I begins by dino and the end is like pokedex :sweat_smile:

Level 30 stats

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Thanks. I got that App, but I am curious on the one Pateradactyl posted.

what i use is discord. metahubs discord. you go to the #ask mr dna, channel.

There is an app like this also on iOS? It’s very usefull!

Thanks. I try there.

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do you have discord?