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Diplodicus Has Joined The Server


Shes here! Finally here! Let’s dart and see how we do! If you have her, show me!

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Is there someone having her already? I haven‘t seen her since 1.5 and only some pics of incubator DNA but no Diplo in action


I have not seen this yet. Funny thing, I get a Darwin spawn every morning outside my work. Ill take it.


Haven‘t seen this one either. :thinking:


Can it spawn in the wild now?


He doesn’t spawn at all in the wild and is very rare drop in incubators.


I dont believe he spawns in the wild, but I’m sure he does come from incubators, and some people have him


Who are you gonna dart the most?

  • Diplodocus
  • Ouranosaurus
  • Brachiosaurus

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Uranus? Do u mean Ourano?


what’s happening here, dude?


You explain


Back to the topic


You took the words right out of my mouth.


I keep saying Ouranusaurus. This dude is not appearing as frequently as before.


If you’re over 2500 trophies at the end of this tournament, you’ll unlock Diplodocus with the prize DNA so I’ll focus on Ouranus (aka The Mith XD)

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I‘m gonna go for Ourano. She‘s another unicorn for me and the last time I saw one lies some weeks in the past.
If I should habe luck and get Diloranosaurus with two tries on Diplo left I‘ll go for her.


Ourano spawns at night these days if you didn’t know


Yep I‘m mostly active at night but nope no Ourano…sometimes I see Bary or Brachi, yesterday I found a Trex ar night but no Ourano.
But most of the time, the spawns are in general very poor at night.

In German I‘d say ‚Tote Hose‘.