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Diplodocus dna

I’m 30 dna from Gemini and have been fiping dna since Gemini was at like 50. Any other ways to get diplodocus dna? I’m so close and last two fuses were 10s of course. I’m sick of slow going lol Any thoughts if we will have her again soon to hunt?

Here are more ways to get diplo DNA and level geminititan faster: sauropod scents, weekly featured, weekly theme incubators, tournament rewards. Other than that, you can even FIP them in sanctuary. See, it’s so much fun!
Oh wait


I literally have none of that right now minus sanctuary :laughing:

Hoping Diplo gets released into the wild in 1.12


Please no.
I dont wont to share my lovely longneck

Beautiful! I’m okay with her still being rather exclusive but would just like a to get a little more dna for her. It’s killing me being so close

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