Diplodocus event

I don’t know if it’s just me or if others have this happen to them to but whenever there is an exclusive Dino in an event and it’s used in a unique hybrid I always get nothing but 10 dna on each fusion I had 9 fusions got 10 dna 8 times and 20 dna once for Gemini it’s only pain


ya, so far i have gotten 2 10’s and a 40. those are my only fuses. usually i only get 20’s on unqiues

I tend to average between 20-30 on all fusions except when I get the dna from an event

ya, the unique is meant to take about 8 months to get to 30, if you are working on multiple creatures at a time

Events tend not to give me much is the point I seem to gain more on getting sanctuary dna

i love events cuz it takes about 4 days to get 200 epic dna from sanc. they might give u less dna but it make fusing much faster

Events feel like a rug gets pulled out from under you you think it’s gonna go well but it doesn’t

I just got Geminititan myself. Got a really lucky 50