Diplodocus gone extinct

Dear ludia,
I’m writing because I, along with some if my alliance members, and I’m sure many others, would like to have another chance to dart diplodocus. I haven’t seen it in a very long time and cannot make gemenititan without it. Please consider giving us diplodocus for a weekend. Thank you.


Maybe another high hp week

We haven’t had high hp week in a while

You’re in luck then, because this week is the week that Diplodocus is in Strike events.

wait. it is?

I somehow missed it when checking what was in the swap incubators.

Yep, I checked the 5 step Swap Strike and one of the rewards was Diplodocus

well that’s a bit better. my 2K diplo is not gonna get my very far when i can start fusing for gemini. (unless i can get an average of 25 the whole time. Lol.)

I’m at 230 out of 250 on Gemini. I’ve been FIPing Diplodocus for quite awhile now. I hope this week helps relieve the stress.

i still have to get Koolabour to 20. finding koolasuchus g2 is a pain in the rear when you don’t live in its local.

Finally. I cant wait to get 7 Diplodocus DNA


Yeah, that’s the problem with Strike events, I usually end up getting very little of the DNA I need, and quite a bit of DNA for the stuff I don’t.

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Ludia doesn’t care. They just want you to spend like the higher placed sheep that pay to win.

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OR… you can have Baryonyx instead.:grimacing:

It is in the 5 stepper epic strike event. I did it last night and got some Diplodocus DNA from it