Has anyone managed to find a Diplodocus in your game? Its one of my favorite Sauropods, next to Brachiosaurus and maybe Argentinosaurus. But so far, I havent been able to find one yet, so if you’ve found a specific area where it spawns, leave it in a comment because I want one.
Also, comment your favorite Sauropod down below. :slight_smile:

Wait, has diplodocus even been added yet? Because I haven’t read up on the 1.5 patch notes.

I saw one this Morning but i didnt reached it. and i hate myself for Not trying To catch it :sob:

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I haven’t seen one yet, and it’s currently not on MetaHub’s article on where to find specific creatures. Amargasaurus is my favorite sauropod

Haven’t seen one yet nor the Darwinopterus.

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I’ve seen one Darwin, but no Diplodocus. Was she in a park @Aeon2711 or do you recall the zone?

I’ve seen none… my favourite sauropod Is deffo amargasaurus!!

According to metahub diploducus doesnt spawn in the wild yet

I just spotted a darwinopterus today. But still no dippy

Well thats dumb

Where was it?

No and amargasaurus is my favorite sauropod