I want it so bad! I wanna hear you guys say it too!


Me too!!! I keep hoping we’ll get a sauropod of the week event.

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But what if he has the brachiosaurus animation pack? His head will go through the event drop!

We need a sauropod one!

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Now that would be a sight to behold!

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I like your profile pic btw! Cant stop zooming in!

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From now on, I’m gonna heart every single post in any baryonyx topics!

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Thanks. It’s the cover to a book I had as a kid and found recently second hand on Amazon. Completely inaccurate after forty years though. :slight_smile:

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So their noses are on the top of their heads?



I guess it lets them breathe while eating large amounts of veg.

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Ooh… nice concept! Never would have thought of that!

Not my picture but i know most havent seen it

I have 20 on it from last week’s defense strike. My son opened his incubator from Brach strike tonight and got 149 of the new bird… Takes 150 to make it, 1 off…

I got 80 for diplodocus myself.

I misread that the first time & so it conjured up very odd images

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