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Diploduchus going away for a while

Frankly, this news broke my heart a little. I mean, yes Monostegotops is cool, i assume Diplo will be back at some point, and i already have 3 of them, but the fella is so insanely useful and viable that’s sad to see Sarco S-Dna becoming rare for a while. Why not take Indoraptor away for a while? Or (better even), why not just give us all three S-DNA at once? Some S-DNA missions can give you Velociraptor DNA, others Monolophosaurus DNA and Sarco DNA.


How long do you think it will be around for? Atleast a few more days? I want to make one. I have all the resources but I’ve been loafting.

Once you have enough S-DNA, you can always make the super hybrid. When they say it’s going away, they mean chances for S-DNA will be going away/limited

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Thanks a lot Andy!

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News feed information this is referring to:


Code 19 already supply Mono SDNA. I am surprised they haven’t revealed a new Super-hybrid, especially as there’s two unknown slots for SDNA, and no pterosaur superhybrid yet.
But I’m not that upset, sense I have a lv30 Diplosuchus, and it turns out it’s very useful at lv 30 despite being a rare creature

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