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Diplopotato Love


Am I the only one who has possibly gone a bit too far levelling this potato due to some irrational love of its stupid face?

At last... a level 30

Lol I actually started doing the same and had to contain myself and stopped at 19. I’ve see a lvl 26 so far

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Holy mother of pearl Batman. How many times have you clicked that green button!? At least it’s probably easy to get alliance donations.


I haven’t got there. I will get there. I love diplotator


I recorded some of the fuses but I won’t put you through watching the videos. It takes from 40 minutes to an hour each time. I was fusing as and when I got the DNA this time but I couldn’t keep up with the DNA given I am in L3 :joy:


My Diplotator, he is such a sneaky little fella. :heart: Needless to say I live in L3.


I’m sorry but you cant say that.
Have you even looked at its face for more than 12 minutes?

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I love my Diplotator - level 27 and counting! I always smile when someone brings one out against me.


I’d probably have one around 23 today if I hadn’t given up on mine to focus on the wonderful Suchotator since bleed became a thing.


Could be better then rat in some ways

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I mean i would level things like diplo and suchotator as well, i have enough ingredient dna and coin. But… this would be so time consuming… the amount needed gets so high… I took suchotator to 17 and couldnt bear to level it anymore just becuz of how long it took

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That implies one could ever go too far.

I mean, you trot out an indoraptor and everyone’s got their moves down pat. You trot out an overleveled diplotator, and you almost can hear the “… what?” as the move clock counts down.


Gadzooks Batman to the DIPLOTATORMOBILE there is fishyness afoot, some scoundrel has acquired a level 26 diplotator and intends to do battle with it… we must save the Diplotator from imminent destruction at the hands of infamous Indoraptor quick ! lol :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:


One of the best opponent brain frizz combos in the game is

Open with braciosaurus
Play braciosaurus
Time your slow down to be right before death
Pop in carnotaurus
Play him
Die with opponent still weakened

Bring in diplotator


You can see the time of moves go from instant to delayed to auto moves.

And you know after match is over they are still looking at screen going

How did. . What the hell was… Huh!?.. But… Wait… Huh?


One of our alliance member has a L27 Diplotator. I have battled with him in the arena and the Diplotator was very strong.


I love my diplotator. I just ramped it up to LVL26. And man do I have fun with it. Most of the people don’t know its moves. Or speed…might take it all the way to 30 :crazy_face:


Lol he was my highest for a while at 21, helped me get past 4000. No one ever expects to see that little monster. Love the mind games against indominus Rex

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Yup he is constantly under estimated.

Less so now that people are rediscovering him.

But his move set really is very flexible for multiple opponents


All glory to the infernal lord Demon-Tater.
Savior of my Local 3 existence.


My diplotator music a he enters the ring…