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Diplosuchus suggestions?

So I got my second diplosuchus today and I was wondering if you guys would recommend fusing the two or not

as you can see diplosuchus is currently my best creature so I feel like evolving it further at this stage would just lead to a bunch of impossible matchups, suggestions?


Hold until the rest catchup. Unless you love ridiculous matchups. Hey, some people do. It’s a free Jurassic World!


As @DinoStan said, hold off.

Get a few more dinos lined up for evolution, especially hybrids, that way you can evolve all your dinos, so you can get a balanced roster.

Otherwise you’d fuse the 2 diplosuchuses and your other dinos would fall behind.

Either work towards getting 1 lvl 10 Indominus, or try working towards all of the Rare and Super Rare hybrids. Those should be fine until you start reaching the point where you can get legendary hybrids.