Diplotator Health?

What happened to the health on the Diplotator? It had over 3500 health and now im down to like 2300. It’s a level 19 and now gets killed after 2 hits. Im hoping this is a glitch and will be fixed.

Not a glitch, just they dramatically changed this hybrid’s stats.
You can also check the speed, now Diplotator get 127 spd.
(Was 120 spd before update if my memorize wasn’t wrong)

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I’m kinda glad of this HP nerf, I hated that thing :joy:

Mine level 20. HP down but damage way up.

So glad I took the other path with this one…

Ya I wish I wouldn’t have wasted my coins upgrading this one now.

Yeah I’m really not happy now, in fact I’m so very angry… Over 1k health nerf…… it’s just food now. Yet another dinosaur that everyone will shelve and we’ll all still be facing the same crap every battle… STOP NERFING EVERYTHING LUDIA !!!

Awwww man good laughs on this website :joy:

Its 127 speed means it should be able to get distracting off before it even gets hit on all but the top tier of speed… it also gained a nullify strike.

This guy straight up kills utahsino if played right.