Diplotator is too touchy


So on my iPhone 8+ since the update the diplotators touch area seem too big. What I mean is that if I try to hit 1 of the moves directly underneath it I will get the menu showing me the Dino’s info. I have only seen this happen on this 1 Dino. I can get by by having to hit the very bottom of the button but I just figured I would let you know


Interesting, I think you might be the only person who’s brought this one up because you might be the only person using diplotator


Hey Dave, thanks for reporting this. Our team would be glad to take a look at Diplotator and see if he’s a little too big for his own good. Contact our staff at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key and a screenshot of the issue.


Dave’s not the only one using a Diplotator so definitely not the only one experiencing this issue.


Will do. Thanks


Not to be rude but a screen shot really will not show the issue


Hey Dave, if you don’t think the screenshot would be all that useful, feel free to leave it out of your email for our staff.


I’ve noticed this too. I have to touch right at the bottom of the move button or it brings up the Dipo stats instead…


It’s not just diplotator. Koolasuchus and Diplocaulus (both forms) have the same problem. When trying to use their battle attack buttons, it thinks you’re touching the dinosaur. you have to press the very bottom sliver of the button to get it to work.


Diplotator is a very under rated dino… its pretty much a beast through lockdown and still usable in early sorna…its fill the role of an early gorgo better then most of the early dinos… it plays a bit different the gorgo… it can take out the rexs/allo…a level 15 can kill a level 19 raptor and still have its big hit ready if they play a slower dino…and it works as a good tank buster until you run into the tagods and stegods


On the other hand, I’ve noticed that the 3D model for the azhdarchid pterosaurs (Alanqa, Arambourgiania, Quetzalcoatlus and Hatzegopteryx) is way too small in the lab. It’s fine in the wild and in battles.