Diplotator or Suchotator?

I ditched my suchotator at lvl8 and leveled up my diplotator to 12. Now i’m seeing more suchotators in matches. Who should i be focusing on?

Recently, i took my diplo off my team for a Postimetrodon.

Suchotator is good if they don’t have superiority strike. He’s good for monstegotops, stegacerotops. If they have a stegodeus or tragodistis he won’t hold up. Also he has instant cripple and nullifying impact with the latter being good for indom.

I am using my Suchotator also in Sorma Marshes, to face Indominus / raptors. I haven’t used diplotator in battle. Posti is a beast in arena, keep on farm her!

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Suchotator is awesome! Imagine a Legendary Hybrid! Maybe with Tanycolagreus?

A speedy suchotator?? :star_struck: Can’t wait for this to happen!!

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I love my suchotator. She can take hits and her damage over time move can be the deciding factor. And she has superiority strike which can remove slowing effects.

Suchotator can be a downright beast if used properly.

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Here is good advice for you: stop leveling up both dinos and save the coins for meta dinos. There is a whole list in metahub. Thank me later

Suchotator is great until Jurassic ruins.
It is easy to make and level up and if it helps a team progress to the point of needing the next step up dinos thats not wasted coin imo.
It would be awesome if it got a hybrid!

Diplotator is cute as all get out, but Suchotator is just fun to fight with.

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